Im not totally certain that the stand along uhc will self oscillate. I am not near my system at this time but I think that you can invert filter 2, take the notch out of filter 2 feed it into filter 1 input 2 and control the gain for self oscillation. Again, I am not certain of this.

I know that you can patch self oscillation with the uhc audio expander but those are not in production and rare.

I purchased one... not really understanding what I was getting into. I thought it was just a standard dual filter. . . NOPE

It does so much, WMD really know how to create devices that are more than they appear. The uHC is a sweet filter when the input gains are low. turn those gains up for wild sounds, unstable resonance, it was build for feedback, dont hesitate to self patch this module. If you want something that isnt traditional, it one of the best choices that you can make.