That's not what I'm looking for indeed, thanks for the tip though

It's more of a space thing. As I said I have to travel, and every little thing in the bag takes space, so I'm looking for a solution that wouldn't take too much space in the bag.

Wow thanks for the link, it's gonna save me quite some time !
How about using power splitters, such as this ?

Hi all,
I'm a newcomer in the Eurorack realm, and the proud owner of a Moog studio.
I love the Moog boat case. As a traveller, I find its size format really convenient, and also pretty.
So, I would like to extend my setup exclusively with it.
Here's the idea:
I would like to get 3 empty boats with Boat Rocker PSUs, and add some modules.
Each of the boats would be mission specific (drums, effects, mix/master, utilities....).
On top of that I would mount these on a custom stand.
The concept here would be to easily interchange/ detach each boat unit, in case I'm travelling. I could also extend my setup progressively this way. The result would kind of look like a modular-modular case ^^
What do you think about this idea ? Is it good or bad ?
Also, what about powering ? Is there a way to not have to plug each of them separately?
Happy to know your thoughts about it.

You've got a point here I know but it's sooo harddd because it's so pretty ^^
I agree with the aesthetic though, messy doesn't mean ugly!
I'll try to make a new one in 62 HP first, and if iit doesn't fit i'll try another version with 104hp, but I hear you on the standard HP number, that makes sense.

Wow, thank you Lugia for your response!
Indeed the use of mostly Intellijel modules comes from an obsession of having something super clean and tidy.
It's completely irrational of course, and maybe I'd gain from trading aesthetic for practicality.
About Quad VCA, I chose it instead of Veils mostly because I've read that it has some nice saturation when you push the levels up?
About the 62 HP, it's mostly a price issue that I'm having, but also I want to be able to have a small device.
I'll keep that message you sent for the next build tests, thanks again for your time!

Hey everyone,
I'm planning to build an addition do my beloved moog sound studio.
I've built something mostly from Intellijel on purpose.
The goal here: have a case that's quite small (Intellijel 4U), allow as much modulation as possible and tempo division(quadrax, quad vca, pamela), and add a bit of flavour (springray, Polaris). The Mafd is an extra module to control DFAM via midi.
What do you think about it ? Is it balanced ? Is there something that's missing that would be handy ?
Thanks for your help !