Thx for the very detailed tear down and brutally honest opinions with regard to what is needed or not needed. I appreciate the time you took to configure what is deemed a workable and solid solution.

I'll admit I bought a good part of the modules that are included in that build. Some modules were bought as part of building a previous 104HP build.
ModularGrid Rack

...others were bought with the intention of having a sort of all-in-one solution that can be used in a live context - the two drum modules, the bat, wolf, and filter of crows. Perhaps, in foolish haste and not knowing what you don't know, I ended up in this direction. At this point, I just have to make the best out of it or just sell off some modules that don't gel well.

This is what I currently have. I'm planning on selling the Tangle Quartet and Bastl Cinnamon first.
ModularGrid Rack

I'll have to re-consider my direction.

ModularGrid Rack

Thoughts on this 208HP rack used for performance. I can add in cv.ocd connected to keys, ipad (sequenceing), etc. What would you take away and add? I know knit and nRings are smallish, but trying to pack in as much punch as possible in a single system. I know more HP is ideal, but this is what I'm going with for now size-wise.

Great advice with regard to learning Maths and Disting first.

For now, I'm thinking I'll use my CV.OCD and do most sequencing from my iPad. I'm thinking about getting a Beatstep Pro or Keystep Pro in the future for similar duties.

I think the FX Aid is the next logical step. I'm currently using my iPad for FX as I use the iPad at the end of the signal chain. It'll be nice to have FX pre iPad.

Other recent ideas are to replace the Giraffe and Tangle Quartet with the 3xMIA and 3xVCA.


Good points on the Maths vs. 3xMIA. Being a newb - and not knowing what you don't know - isn't helpful. I think I'll plan for the 3xMIA in future expansion. I really should go through that patch guide for Maths to know exactly what it entails.

With regard to uO_C - I'm on the fence. I'm leaning on holding off and leaving space to populate with a few 2 HP modules and FX AID... not sure if going with the XL version is in the cards.

The issue at the moment is I'm not sure what I'm trying to solve. Or I should say I haven't learned enough of my current gear to know what is truly missing. Yeah... I'd say generally FX and sequencing. I'm thinking it's best to take my time with the last 11HP and not make any rash decisions. I guess the question is... what will have the most impact on what I can do within current confines?

As a side note, I'm considering ditching the Pittsburgh Modular Giraffe to put in a Happy Nerding 3x MIA. Then other options are to finalize with the FX AID, SHTH, and MAFD (to break free of the 8 steps on the DFAM). This would be instead of the uO_C.

I wouldn't go with the Malekko. I bought one and had issues with bleed. I ended up returning it and going with the ALM Tangle Quartet, which is 8HP.

I started my 104HP thinking it'd be a supplement to my Moog Semi Modulars - M32, SubH, and DFAM - and now it's something else all together.

Basically, I ended up with a unit that could be a standalone voice vs. just supplementary to my semis. I also wanted the ability to process acoustic instruments. I tried to add in some utilities - attenuverting mixer, MATHs, buff mult. Thus far, I didn't add a sequencer or drums. Have a few options with the semis.

So with 11HP left I'm wondering what else can I do to make this 104HP more complete?

To finish things off (for now) I'm thinking of adding in a S&H module (utility) and a micro Ornament & Crime (sequencer).

Other alternatives:

or add the CV Trinity expander...
...not sure what the value of this module would be in my setup.

The only possible mistakes I've made thus far is having 2 filters - still can't decide what I like better the Pittsburgh Modular Crow or the Bastl Cinnamon. The other possible mistake was maybe buying the Pittsburgh Modular Flamingo. It seems with the capabilities of the Knit (uPlaits) I don't need a waveshaper.

Thoughts on adding the uO_C and SHTH? Or would I be better served with other module(s)?

ModularGrid Rack

you'll also want an instrument interface - the sonicsmith ev1 - seems to be the best in lots of ways - apparently the pitch tracking is great for single note runs etc - don't think it can handle chords - but nothing else can either

-- JimHowell1970

It's actually the Sonicsmith ConVertor E1. I just got the module. It does a pretty good job of pitch tracking both diatonic and chromatic harmonica. Haven't tried it with anything else. It's not perfect by any means and glitches here and there. Also the firmware needs an update to get all the advertised features. I think it's coming Q2 this year.

Just got my module a few days back.

First impressions - it's usable with some glitchiness with a harmonica. Haven't tried anything else. Looking at the youtube video with guitar seems like playback is perfect. It's not quite that. Could be my settings or lack there of. The youtube video on Sonicsmith's website and the manual are quite different. Seems there are a bunch of missing features on the current firmware - .9. Bending works fine. I think the whole thing is best when mixing dry vs. wet. Wet would be a bit too glitchy for my liking. It has a charm tho.

I think there a bunch of improvements that need to be made or better communication. Maybe make a new video of just the current feature set. And take the demo video down. For example, the video has features that don't seem to exist at all. The manual seems to match what is available. Where are the extra compression settings, changing VCO type by knob, or the fact that you need the Q button turned on for pitch to track correctly? Also, the settings to manually change gain don't seem to work. I just do auto gain for levels and that works fine.

Hopefully there is a way to better tune this module in the future to remove glitches or make them less likely. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong. Is it worth $390? Not sure. The jury is not out yet.

Good to know your observations. Sounds like if I was playing single notes it'd work fine. A chromatic harmonica should work well then. What about bending notes like on a diatonic harmonica? I'm assuming with chords things fall apart or get more difficult.

I've been in the market for a mic pre / envelope follower and this could be a contender. I'm specifically looking for something good at pitch tracking my diatonic and chromatic harmonicas.

I'm looking at the same module. After Later Audio seems to make good products - at least I've never heard complaints. I was also looking at their Knit (Plaits clone) as well.

Yes it is. I'm going to inquire what it does better other than an internal VCO than the competition. At 6HP it is nice and compact though.

Very interesting about the history of pitch tracking and synths in terms of p-2-v tracking. I'd think if you prefilter the instrument you can cut out the interfering harmonics coming into the envelope follower. However, if you wanted to mix acoustic and electronic, I'm not sure this is beneficial as you're taking away character of the instrument.

I think I'll muck with the Disting first before diving in. To make this work I'd think I'd need a mic pre first to get it up to a decent level.

Not sure I want to go with the Instruo. I'll have to check out both MI Links and Kinks and CVlization as other options now that I've removed the Voltage Block. I was considering the Varigate 4+ as an alternative.

This is my current iteration. I've swapped the Ciao for the Befaco Out v3 and the Sonicsmith ConVertor E1. The Sonicsmith will be used to pitch track acoustic instruments.

ModularGrid Rack

I know that Disting can do this, but the results I've heard seem a little lacking.

I found this module from Sonicsmith.

Looks pretty compelling and a little spendy at $390. However I suppose it does 3 different things - mic pre, envelope follower, and VCO. Thoughts?

Any other good options here?

Thanks for the thoughts guys. Updated the last pic to include some changes - FX Aid and PNW.

Interesting suggestions... I was trying to replace 2HP mix with a attenuator / polarizer / mixer combo and found the Pittsburgh Modular Giraffe. At that point, I didn't have the FX Aid in mind. On this iteration, I removed the FX Aid and included the Giraffe. I have a workaround for FX. I'd use the Ciao to go into an iPad (via interface). This would be temporary until I added more rack space.

I still do have 2HP to play with. If I removed Ears, then finding a 2HP mic pre / envelope follower would help (harmonica). Like I stated before, I know I could use the disting for this purpose, but I'd like to leave it open to other options and I like the idea of Ears as both mic pre and that touch sensitive piezo thingy.

ModularGrid Rack

Decided to try and slim down a little by removing MX1 mixer and substituted a 2HP Mix. Considering removing the 2HP drums kit and tossing in an envelope follower with mic pre like the MI Ears. This is so I can hook in a mic and process harmonica/melodica. I'm pretty sure I can do this with the disting, but not positively sure. Might need to throw in a mic pre in between.

Current modules that have been purchased...
Maths, Disting, Buff Mult, CV Trinity, and Malekko Quad VCA.

Thoughts thus far? Fire away.

ModularGrid Rack

Hey all,

Have the Moog trifecta of semi-modulars and love all three. I've had a hankering to move beyond and add on a 104HP skiff to supplement and also act as a standalone unit. My idea is to do techno-style music - downbeat, psy-bient, EDM, melodic. Not really looking into generative at the moment. I also like the idea of being able to perform on the rack.

So I have 104HP. I've populated it thus far with MATHs, Disting MK4, and a buff mult. Bastl CV Trinity to follow very soon.

This is my line of thinking - uPlaits or Make Noise STO for VCO, Disting for utility, fx, etc., MATHs - because it's MATHS, Pams for clocking, Voltage block for performative sequencing, Bastl Cinnamon for VCF, Bastl CV Trinity - for automation, LFO, and ADSR, Malekko Quad VCA, Future Sound Systems MX1 as a mixer, 2HP Hat Kick and Snare for drums, and Bastl Ciao for output to a sound system or to interface with iPad - think fx, processing, etc.

Thoughts of what I could get rid of or what I'd need instead. Like I said already have 4 modules, so they are staying for now. Also, haven't decided on VCO, but at this point it's between uPlaits and STO.

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