"Sigil" is a live recorded modular album,
all tracks are one take with no multitracking.

all tracks are built on the same patch.

I'm calling this one "swamp noir"

farkas and

This was the solution^

Oh interesting, thank you, I will try that.

Hello there,

I am attempting to use one of the clock divided delays on the fx aid xl.

specifically the (delay mono_clk)

the manual says to plug the clock into the right input and the audio into the left, with the outputs in stereo.

I am getting complete pass thru of the clock signal into the right output, making this side essentially unusable.

Are any other fx aid users having this issue?
is my clock signal too hot?
it is coming from the erica black sequencer, unsure of voltage.

Thank you.

Released our fifth album today,
Our first that is completely composed in the modular.
there is no multitracking, external hardware or effects.

This is a live recording of a gig from February.
AMA, thanks for listening.


In this guide, it says that the trigger input has a dynamic response to input levels. Maybe this is what you are referring to.

so is it more a matter of just choosing what note to sample, and just consistently using that for all samples?

As the title suggests,

When using a sample playback module with v/ oct pitch control
(let's say the 2hp "Play")
what pitch should you record a sample at to get accurate v/oct pitches?

That is, if I were to record a single piano note, so that I can then sequence the sampler to get a pitched piano melody,
should I record a C note?

does v/oct have a fundamental root note it works from?

or is the standard approach to not worry about it and then tune with the v/oct knob.

Thank you

Also curious, does v1.2 retain all the features of v1.1 (color blind mode and LFO mode) as well as the 8 new models?
-- moosapotamus
I would suggest just installing the newest firmware, as opposed to 1.1.

while holding the left button, and turning up harmonics, the model lights should light up- in order- all the way to the top. each light representing a tuning higher than the last. The LFO setting is found below the lowest pitch setting.

How do I enable LFO mode? moosapotamus

hold left button, turn up harmonic(to reset its zero point), then turn harmonic all the way down.

A sequential switch is used, for example, to channel the modulation signal from a source to several destinations dynamically by means of a trigger. You can also send a sequenced trigger to different destinations.
-- ferranadsr

Interesting, that's something I use stages for. I guess I was conflating it with sequencing.

So, would ornament and crime or a pams be more utilitarian? I know that o_C has a lot of different algorithms, and can have two operating at the same time, but I also feel like pams has more direct programming.

How would you define a sequential switch as opposed to a sequencer?
I will often use stages as cv sequencers

ModularGrid Rack

what would you fill up the rest of this space with?
mults have been largely replaces by stack cables, so we can remove that 4 hp for this discussion.

for reference, I have 4 remaining bus slots,
with plenty of power remaining

for modulation, i've been looking at ochd, triple sloths, Pams (new or pro) or an O_C.

Going to do one more voice, debating between BIA or another plaits clone (given the new firmware)

maybe a clock divider like Fractio solum.

ModularGrid Rack


I've got a brewery gig this week,
this is the rack and patch I have set up for the show

The 4MS is set as my bass voice,

Rings is in duophonic sympathetic strings mode for most tracks, mono modal for a couple

Plaits is set as a kick for most tracks, and as a snare for others

two trigger tracks are turned into additional percussion

Beads as ambient shimmer.

As the title says.
Is warmstar electronics still producing modules?

I'm intrigued by their "Bends" module, but concerned that an order sent to their website won't go through.

Not sure if you need the quantizer, marbles sends out quantized cv, and I think Pams does as well? But there are also smaller quantizers available to save space.

VCAs, while not 100% for audio in this set up, with the built in aspect of plaits and rings, are still valuable for modulation.
Using an LFO to control volume for long cross fades, etc.

I've been looking at the Rangoon from Calsynth,
it's converted to sliders for most controls, same form factor as a Monsoon.
may help with tuning stability/ not nudging the tuning out of place

Ooh! Those are lovely sounds!
Far less aggressive than I would have imagined.

Ok, interesting
My feel was that the Taiko may have more potential as a melodic voice, where as the BIA seems pretty drum-centric

As the title states,

Given space and price being no object,
which of these modules would you choose,
1. as a primary drum module
2. as a melodic voice
3. 1 or 2 with support from plaits drum models

I understand that the methods of synthesis are different.

Thanks in advance

does the 3xmia provide negative offsets as well?
-- fretless19

Yes, because each channel has an attenuverter, and each is normalized to an offset (I think +5V). So when you twist the knob for a channel with no input down below 12:00, you get a negative offset of your choice.

-- plragde

beauty, thank you.

does the 3xmia provide negative offsets as well?

I very much value both of your inputs!

I have the pachinko/ marbles as an alternative to (Turing machine with extension into a quantizer)
I know that the black sequencer provides for much/ all basic sequencing, but I'm not sure if it fully makes the marbles superfluous?

The idea behind the two stages was to have them provide all of my lfos adsrs,or slopes not provided by the black sequencer. It also works for clock division and sample and hold.

Yes, I have seen your signature before while browsing, I think it makes a great deal of sense.
please check out the rearrangement of the rack.

what do you value most in utilities?
what utilities do you feel are most essential/ least essential?
thank you.

if you have to ask "do I have enough xyz modules", then you probably don't have...

Hah, yeah good point

Do i have enough plumbing/ utilities ?
elements and the other sound generators really need a lot of modulation, and i'm wondering if this design has enough built in here.


I like the eudemonia having a built in vca, and I am familiar with dreadbox products.
But the third filter for the drums could be anything. Doesn't have to be that particular filter module.
I would think of one each hysteria eudemonia ataxia forming a voice, but I see what you mean. I also have considered an Erica double bass in place of the antidote.

The eudemonia vcas are dedicated to the filter, so the quad is to provide more free vcas for modulation routing.
One eudemonia per voice, with one for the drums

Two ataxia a provide 4 envelopes or 4 lfos, with the delay and attenuverter modules also providing 3 more lfos.

I want to design a modular with 2 voices, a drum, and enough mod and signal source to also do ambient generative stuff.

Would love to hear your thoughts


Aiming for 3 voices and a drum, with generative potential, in smallish box

New to modular, but very comfortable with synthesis.

Took me a minute to figure out that I needed separate vcas to go with the envelopes 🙄

Please let me know if this would be functional or if I'm missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance