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Stuff like this should really be marked as private, unless there are plans to offer them commercially.

Thanks for the catch, fixed now. Matte black PCB.

Please delete, this module is already in the database – search for "octal"

This is an MOTM-format module, not Eurorack.

It would be more beautiful if you added three more

Awesome module

Thanks, but that is the manual for the MK1, this panel uses the MK2 Turing Machine and Pulses expanders which may have different power requirements. The Backpack PCB does not exist for the MK2. Also that number doesn't make a distinction between positive and negative rails. I'd be glad to update the power requirements but a canonical source is needed.

Please mark your duplicate as "Private" since there is already an entry here:

So it begins... but the "original" actually didn't have the C/SUM out (outputs were not summed).

I appreciate the aesthetic discipline involved in this rack layout!

Sometimes the "Assembled/DIY" search filter will change its state for some reason (maybe a bug in MG), so certain projects won't appear in the results.

Already in the database:

Already in the database:

Thread: RYO Paths

Already in the database:

Can you make it smaller? I only have 0.5hp free in my case.

Thanks guys, I just measured 43mm deep with backpack and cables, specs updated. (Power specs were updated to 100ma a few weeks ago, as a rough estimate.)

Thread: MI

2hp gap ARGH

panel typo: "Desnity" instead of "Density"

I wanted to get two of these but I spent all my money on other modules and don't have any space left in my case.

Needs another Maths, maybe?

This module is already in the database:

It's as I described above, if you search for xOx it will not show up, because the module is called "x0x" (x-zero-x) as in 303, not "xOx" (x-oh-x). Search for "x0x" (x-zero-x) and you will find it.

I think you had it labeled as xOx but it's x0x (the letter O vs the number zero).

Marked as duplicate:

Better yet, use a different power system and free up a whole 20hp.

Nice, thanks for the quick response – very interesting to see both stats.

I was checking out the module filters (Alphabetic/Popular/Price/HP) and noticed a quirk in the way that popularity is calculated:

On this page the Maths v2 panel is listed as the most popular, appearing in 251 public racks. The Turing Machine is in second place, appearing in 331 public racks. That seemed like a bug at first, because the Turing Machine had a higher count. But then I realized that the popularity code was probably summing usage across public racks in addition to private racks.

My request would be to show a number that represents total usage, regardless of whether the rack that includes the module is public or private. Perhaps something like this, which would maintain the privacy of individual racks while providing a more accurate indication of a module's popularity:

Alt text

You will probably want to add some VCAs, otherwise you have no way to silence your oscillators.

OK, I guess I have to do the QCD+Expander panels now, for sure.

Nice work guys! Looks good.

Slight update to panel artwork.

Also, I changed the image back to the illustration that was used previously.

It is 14hp.