Can this be done with the Doepfer A-138o? I have only used it as an aux for modules in the past.
-- isolatediguana

I don't know if the A-138o (with the A-138p) has sufficient gain for external return. Doepfer's documentation is not very clear on this point. I suspect something like the A-119 Ext. In is needed.

I just ordered a Versio as well (Melotus, but I plan to flash Desmodus and Electus to try them out) but for more intrusive or modulated effects. If I want a quality blackhole or shimmer, I will still go to an external pedal.

-- plragde

i can tell you now its not got enough gain to do this. i had this setup, doepfer a138 p & o, with alm busy circuits external guitar pedal interface @ 4hp - SBG. that did the trick.

bia is my primary bassline voice and i love it. way more aggressive than akemies

fx aid xl

im not happy with erica dual fx. too noisey

that new little korg one???

as for plaits clones as suggested - michigan synthworks are amazing.

all mutable instruments modules are now disconitnued.

fx aid xl beats milky way

and yea i see miso has jumped in there. good module.
i use noise engineering lapsus os, its great and more performance oriented

sequencer wise: you could just get some expanders for pams and then plug in a arturia beatstep pro or somthing

dont scrap maths yet till you get a bit further on your journey.

just how low noise is "low noise wet dry"
erica dual fx is noisey as hell. not sure if im keen on another spin fv1 gamble tbh..

the "second vco" is the lfo which can go to audio rate

i guess youd chuck your mother 32 or whatever 60hp'er on the left side, some modulation in the middle, and the mavis on the right. patch cable clutter contained to a central area with both moogs free for wiggling.

i think focus your gripes elsewhere, like behringer for instance. /sued.

If you're trying to do a small drum machine build here...DON'T. You're far better off with a dedicated drum machine that does more (because it's designed for this purpose) and costs LESS than your efforts here. But to be frank, I don't see what you're aiming for here.

IMHO, having to wrassle with two Disting EXs will be a real chore unless you're all about menu-diving. And a lot of the rest doesn't make sense without context, I would presume.
-- Lugia

heh. yea it is particularly un-focussed. if it was a utility rack as the original poster has labelled it, drop the drums, and why is there a little mikey, when you have a ES9 going off to a computer. surely youll have an audio interface there for recording whatever. furthermore ES9 is way overkill for this little rack too. i would say rethink what it is youre trying to achieve with eurorack.

sequencing and mixer at the bottom or in the most accessible place. filters off to the sides where i can get at the without vcables getting in the way. important things you dont want to bump like oscillators in the centre under the cable clutter.

basically, stuff you touch often on the sides or bottom.. or accessible in general

yea youll always want larger. good advice above

have you actually got the vpme drum voice yet? im not sold on it. so simple...

Yes, absolutely. You have a lot of sound sources but what are you going to do with them? I don't know what those Moogs are capable of, but vcas are always good. Mixers, lfos, envelopes,... And watch out with the 2hp modules - they are extremely small! I have one module with such a small knob and it's very difficult to use. And on mine, there's plenty of space around it! You have two next to each other...
-- Arrandan

and some are very deep. not good for shallow skiffs. beware

well to begin with, take all those moogs out and put them back in their own cases.

boom, 180hp freed up.

2nd update the best i feel. pams and oc will be a great combo. qpas is liquiddy i felt, like a stereo ripples with extra offsett stuff. very cool but not aggerssive enough for me.

id reccomend a better sampler. i hated bitboxs. UI wasnt for me. love erica sample drum. if in doubt, assimil8r! lol

Thread: My maybe

and yea as others have said above. maybe a zadar or batumi would be a good call. small too. youll still have to cut something though...

Thread: My maybe

looks like an excellent fun machine! will you be ok with no clocked modulation? well, does turing machine 2hp count...

maximum 2hp. and then starlab and akemies castle? maybe go in the middle a little more. fx aid xl, or a clouds clone, plaits or a smaller synth voice. akemies castle is pretty special though. just thats its freaking huge. marbles or a clone is a good call. insert behringer hatred here. lel

i went with erica dual fx. for the most part im happy. its pretty simple. people seem to reckon fx aid xl is the best in a small form, better than endorphines milky way apparently.