With the number of voices planned in this rack, I think your rig would definitely benefit from a mixer (the passive multi is definitely insufficient) and probably a few more utilities and as the saying goes, you never have too many vca's. Your math alone probably won't cut it.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

At first I would add some VCA's and a mixer for the different voices. Maybe also an attenuverter to mix/manipulate the different CV's.
-- ferranadsr

Definitely. I intended to use veils as a mixer but as we know we never have too many vca's. I will update this.

why scales when the output of the moskwa is already quantized?

2 large filters but a shrunken plaits?

are you intending to sequence the poly cinematic using midi from the mpc? if not, I would want a sequencer with many more channels - at least 2 for this (on top of at least 1 other - for the t-sl and beehive) - root note and chord type will want to be sequenced

Very good observations. I'm using a keystep pro as well for the sequencing. Also, Moskwha is also a sequencer so I believed that my bases were covered with the mpc added to that mix. The Large filters can also be used as oscillators and voices and I wanted at least 2 and wanted them to be fully cv controllable with Q parameters so I believed it justified the hp's.

As for scales, I wanted to be able to generate more than 1 melodic pattern using cv's from the different sources. That being said I agree that it might be overkill. Mokswa might be able to handle it all but I didn't want the sequencer aspect of Mokswa to be tied with scaling if I wanted to use it as a sequencer for something else but I might be wrong. It was definitely the module I might have gone without so removing it to make space for some attenuverters/vca's as everyone suggested would make sense.

Get ready for your mind to be blown.

Check out the ES9 (or another class compliant audio interface) to use with the MPC Live 2.

Excellent suggestion, I did consider the ES-9, It is amazing. The Morphagene is definitely one of the reasons I want a line in but its definitely way too costly for my needs at the moment. I might go that way in the future but for now being able to sent stuff in and out the rack line/rack levels is perfectly fine.

Thread: Prototype

Wanted to go dawless.
This rack is meant to go with a MPC live 2 and take advantage of the sampler/sequencer/Drum machine/cv generator/vst synth/etc. Hence the need for a line in and out and the absence of sequencers.
There is also a keystep pro to compliment this build and sequence some more.