See my modular grid for EarJuice.

First attempt at a modular system and so will constantly change. I only have the top rack atm to fill and I have a Korg sq64 external sequncer and a bunch of external gear I plan to use. It's as follows:

303 clone
Korg wavestate
Korg volca sample, kick
Waldorf Rocket with filter I can use
Boss 202 looper
Roland SP 404sx
Model skulpt
WSG/01 drone machine
Roland j6 for chord sequences
Crave, and Edge DFAM should be coming soon
Bastle drun
Roland Jdxi just for vocoder
Korg Kaos mini for effects

I have others too and plan not to use software accept for mastering and effects. I have mixers
and MIDI thrus but of course I'm not going to be using everything at once. Mainly volca sample or kick, kaoss pad, bastle, 303, looper and Waldorf filter or as 303 instead. J6 for chord sequences and maybe 404 sampler. I have another Akai sampler for one shots but it's so laggy. Edge will get heaps of use once I get it.

So Korg sq 64 will be brains but modular will have its own sequncer more for live improv. With the plan to use that mainly and just add a few bits to it depending on what I'm doing.

The BIA is the main sound for drum along with new Tymp legio. 2hp samples for drum sounds. Then lots of gates n cv to trigger them. From there brains oscilator to add sounds.

I should also point out I already have modules I made not shown in the rack. I made a delay and have an 8 step sequencer (maybe 2 to finish off) as well as a bunch of oscilators from hex inverters. Might make a sampler n some others depending on how good they are and how useful. Could make multiples easily but I want to try and make or buy buffered multiples.

Anyways let me know your thoughts since it'smy first go and will take most of this year to complete. I went around looking at all sorts of modules and filters and envelopes but decided on a simple duel envelope and filter. With Pams workout along with bin seq and Clep I and the Korg sq I should have gates and CV and mods covered. 2 LFOs. 1 standard and 1 in the clep.

The guy at the store sold me the eq and output module. It's damn handy but it's a lot of space. The EQ probably makes a difference through my rockits but I can't tell much with headphones. It has a oscillator just for checking stereo systems at different freqs so handy but probably the first bad buy only due to 24hp size. The sapce fx and extra 2hp modules may get axed. The second brains will likely change out for something else just for variation. Also might look into noise generators to turn into hats n bits. Idk I love the korg sample because with the knobs u can change any sample into bass or drones or hats or clicks. Maybe I get something simliar or just a larger more complex sampler. I want to add voice n other type samples at some point.

People talk about maths and some other modules and I kind of get the functions but don't get the significance. Perhaps ppl have recommendations....if anyone will see this as a lot of time will pass and more changes will occur before I fill both rows.