Wow thanks so much for taking the time to respond to my post. For some musical background I was a vinyl turntablist for many years. i moved to a new space and didn't have room for my equipment for many years, now I have room again. I am just happy to be on the path of making music again. One of my friends has a modular setup and it really caught my interest. I am aware that easier more efficient ways to make hip hop are out there. I just am super excited to learn something new and different. I am fairly committed to going down the modular path.

So it sounds like I was a bit filter heavy for the HP. The case is filling up fast. I might need to do a slightly larger case for the long run. Maybe a 9u 84hp or even 104hp. My goal is to have a system that I can take with my and play my music. I have my eye on a case from Case from Lake.

I took some of your suggestions and did an updated case
ModularGrid Rack

part of me thinks I should start very small so that I can learn my modules and figure out what I need
something like this
ModularGrid Rack

I think in the long run having Morphagene or one of the competitors makes a lot of sense to me.

I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Hello all,

I am just now planning my first eurorack system. I am hoping for a bit of advice. Currently I own two modules Stolperbeats and a modbap trinity. I am planning to mainly make hip hop with this setup. I have not purchased a case yet but, I think it makes sense to start with a 6u 104hp case. I plan to only fill it about half way to start, so as I learn more I can make more informed purchases. Any and all suggestions are welcome, I just want to know if I am on the right track. Do I have enough utilities? And glaring omissions?

I will try to post a link to my current planned start and then a link to where I see it possibly ending up.

Thank you for any help with this!

here is the starter
ModularGrid Rack

and here is where I think i could end up
ModularGrid Rack