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Hi! Can you please add the name of a manufacturer of Buchla format modules?
Keen Association

Our Model 220 keyboard is officially released more than for half of a year and further modules are coming, so we would appreciate appearing on the manufacturer list.

To administrator:
Motovilo Modular is a legitimate new Russian brand and for now 5 modules were already manufactured under this brand. As partner of the company, I ask to add "Motovilo Modular" to brand list. Thank you.

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SSSR Labs.

Thank you, solitud!

What this rack is intended for? polyphonic FM-synthesis, super-saw, 24-voice strings?

Thread: poly trip

Hi. Since you have polyphonic system, my update for ACXSynth MIDI2CV may be interesting for you. Check out my comment for this module.

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Read my comment for ACXSynth polyphonic MIDI2CV. It may be interesting for you if you have programming equipment for PIC microcontrollers.

The main disadvantage of this module is that it can't be adjusted. My module has scale about 0.98v/Octave and it is not OK for me. It needs just one more TL072 and two multi-turn trimpots. At least as the option.

The PCB layout is far from being perfect. It is impossible to use DIP-sockets with MCU. I had to solder it right to the board. There was some missing components in the kit. The PCB design requires too much wires. but this tiny circuit might be made on a single one-sided board with maximum possible amount of PCB-mounted components. The pots in my package had too long shafts pushing pot caps to extra-height about 7mm above the surface of the panel. This is sole module in my rack having such problem.

The circuit, logic and design are OK with exception of missing adjustment possibility.

By the way, you can share power between two parts of this module. There is corresponing holes in the PCB, named +12v, GND, -12v, +5v. So, there is no actual need to use both LM7805. One of these can handle enough power to feed entire 5v bus of the 6u case.

P. S. Panel design could be much more useful having any legend

Just get separate outputs extension or make it.

The analog part, the idea and the price for DIY kit is outstanding. This module tracks up to 8 octaves even in polphonic mode and has a great potential.


Quite noisy module because of low power TL-064 used for amplifiyng the signal. But this can be improved with any quality OpAmp having same pin-out. I've tried OP470, but it's very expensive IC.

It has very smart panel design!