Work in Progress. Using it for tying all my semi-modular/modular together: Behringer Neutron, Moog Mother-32, Arturia MicroBrute (x3), Korg Volca Sample/FM/Kick, Roland Torcido/Bit Razr/Demora, 5 Panels of Frac modular - Blacet/Metalbox/Wiard

Looking to add Ladik M-217 to control the Korg Volca Sample.

Added ALM Beast’s Chalkboard.

Building it up for more connectivity and control of my 3 Arturia MicroBrutes, Moog Mother 32, Roland Torcido/Bitrazer/Demora, Behringer Neutron and 5 panels of Frac modules from Blacet, Metalbox and Wiard.

Started with: Input, Multi , VCA and Switch.

4/25/14 Only 4 more modules to complete this setup: VCO, Improbablilty Drive and Super VCA in the bottom rack. EG1 in the top rack. We will see if this happens in 2014!