I had a quite pleasant deal with @paco_mod. even though shipment part was quite a journey : ) . He was all the time present and communicative during the whole process. Definitely recommended Thanks @paco_mod.

I had nice experience buying from @leoschlienger. Nice to meeting you

Thanks @Drazen for the Sub6 mixer. Arrived quickly, and "like new" as described!
-- SpaceCowboy

Unfortunately this guy @Drazen uses unacceptable selling practices.

The case: On all of his offers on marketplace (and there are many of them) he's marked his region as EU.
Having proceed transaction with him, buying a used Make Noise “Rene” for 360€ (shipping incl.),
i was very unpleasantly surprised when realised that according to DHL shipment tracking information
he provided, the true location dispatch was actually from DOHA / QATAR !!

This means that (under the relevant laws of Greece, where I am based) now have to pay an extra fee of 70€
for customs clearance, plus an additional fee of about 50€-100€ (depending on weight, kind, etc.) for “used
electronics" tax, even if the package marked as "gift".

During this misleading info tactic @Drazen obviously applies in order to find a broader list of potential
buyers, than on his true non EU region area, now i should pay no less than about 480€ for a used item while
on my local store (synthesizer.gr) a brand new "Rene" costs 499€!

This is outrageous!

Even though cannot call this strait as a Fraud (as the extra money won't go in "Drazen’s" pocket), however it is
an extremely faulty practice and definitely a real Fraud in terms of buyers wallet.

EU residents Beware of your transactions with "Drazen Saric" :(


-- dmgd3ar

I have a similar experience with @Drazen and I had the same feelings but on the other hand you can not list an item in Marketplace located Middle East or Central Asia ( Is this a technical limitation ? @modulargrid ). It would be adequate if @Drazen would have indicated in his Description

@Drazen is a good trader.
I bought his Alright Devices Chronoblob and it was a smooth transaction

I had a quite nice & responsive communication and smooth transaction with @LightsOfCeres. Highly recommended.

Where can I buy this front panel ?