thanks, i don't mind for myself.

i thought i was helping.

it came with a case and without,

but it is just a large eurorack module. it needs 5v also.

it may be better if the url used for the module is this:



i know what eurorack format is. i have three cases full of it.

this is the oberkorn SLIDERS, not the other oberkorn unit which is a 3 x 16 sequencer.

this one is made to mount in a eurorack case, with a power supply strip that hooks

up to a eurorack busboard. they are sold in cases sometimes which are basically 

84 hp eurorack cases, that mount in a rack. i have two doepfer 6U x 84 cases that mount in a rack,

does that mean they are not eurorack? i would think the more modules in the database the better,

although i will admit not many have these modules. i know as a private module i get to use it myself,

but i'm not arguing to be selfish, just the opposite. i WAS thinking of others when i posted it, thinking there may be others like me

who wanted this. i also wanted an old 39hp blue lantern gate sequencer module but i'm using three of a 13hp as a substitute.

if you still want to make it private, obviously that's fine,


this is eurorack.

i have three mounted in a doepfer 9u case right now.

the module is 84 hp and modular grid only allows modules up to 72 hp.

so i split into two 42 hp modules.