Thread: 606 Clones?

pixel dust and ouch from omsonic come to mind

"They're destroying the modular community!" Lower costs and quality products will only expand the modular community.
-- Valektricity

lol "quality products" is doing a lot of heavy lifting here.
P.O.S 💩 more like

hey @dubheadz ! nice recording

btw what kind of reverb do you use in this one?

I agree, AnalogSpecies. This becomes dangerous and giving precedent for many bad things happening.. from Behringher

I love Instruo Ceis . Its a vc-ASDR but also has trigger outputs for every stage of the envelope. 🤯
For ambient slow motion things i love XAOC ZADAR

ELEKTOR FORMANT: modular system in kit format . I used to see some FORMANT systems in my pre-modular days and was
always mystified by their appearance.
"The Elector Formant modular synthesizer was designed by C. Chapman. The Formant was published in a series of articles in Elektor (in The Netherlands, Elektuur), and later as a book with a compilation of the articles."

What I would also do is not have the 60HP contraint. But you can do a lot of things with the rack you have planned and a smaller sequencer like the v4+ instead of the vb8. vb8 AND 60HP is putting you in a corner IMO.

Kinks and/or something like the Lapsus Os that you have in your rack plans would be able to attenuate/offset/invert
all modulation so it fits the range of what BIA is expecting. Spacewise i think that is what I would do.

Kinks is amazing for the size and what it offers.
CV wise the first part SIGN gives a signal inverter and and a half- and full-wave rectifier (that only keep the positive part of a signal.See the panel or the manual to understand this).

So one signal in and 3 interelated but different out. and thats only the first part of Kinks

For quality effx HN FXAID is great and only 4hp.

So if you take out v8+ and pico dsp and put in v4+ ,Kinks and HN FXAID you have a more balanced system.
and still 6hp for something else ;)

Perhaps a Malekko Varigate 4+ for this case would be more suitable
it can either be 4 cvs or 2 cvs/2gates or 4 gates sequencer...

that gives you a bit more space to put something like... MI kinks perhaps??

Thanks Lugia!

DeltaV can do CV too .It quite a clever module. As per the Cosmotronic blurb :
"Without anything patched into the VCA’s input, the module produces variable cv, an envelope set by the attack, decay and shape knobs. "

If i took the WoggleBug out (i have other racks i could use it in) how do you think that gap should be filled?
I think something like a zlob diode chaos + a 2hp S+H would give me some wiggly cv...
and then have 11HP left for something....(or 10HP. i dont mind leaving 1hp for ventilation )
but what?
ideas welcome :)

ModularGrid Rack

I am not a modular neophyte. I have a big frac rack and also an original Roland 100m D-Set.
I do like small complete mini-systems however and just wanted to show you my ambient rack...

ambient as in.. stuff that rbeny does..

or like tetsu inoue

what do you think?
balanced? a piece of crap selection?
should i change something?
even an improved different way of placing the modules in my dreadbox168 case would be interesting...

i usually get 2/3 voices out of it. slow changing melodies or fart sounds :)
I have seen some nice critiques for other racks and thought perhaps its time for me to show my rack
ps i am building a seperate system for percussive sounds that i will present at a later time :)

all the best and please be gentle(or not :) )


I like Bitwig.
I didnt like Ableton... that much.

Very happy with my Bitwig Studio v3

I think the above link is a SPAM module addition
can a mod have a look?

this sounds great.


thanks for measuring the .vco .
I got one of the few Frac format custom STG .VCOs and was wondering about the power reqs for it.
Thankfully i dont need to do any other calculations