Its not stereo, i understand now its Dual-Mono because Minijack-Construction.
My Headphones are Stereo. Some Modules have Dual Mono fem-Jacks.
But its dumb that the Mixers are not "Dual-Mono".
Sure i have only Params for Volume at it, but now i use the A-106 as a Mixer...with less capacities...

Later i will add Fx and....

How i can know, Moduls have Dual Mono if i stick i stereo?


Oh its the wrong Thread :/...

they sound broken, maybe you should sell them off cheap? id be interested
-- owbotic

no,. other ideas?

Hi, i have a Case :D
-> Doepfer Energy
Trigger Riot
TipTop SD, BD, CP, Hats (stereo okay)
Bismilus Iteritas
A-106-1 (stereo okay)
PoleZero SSF/WMD
Disting mk3
2x Malleko Mix

Okay...i have no consonance Stereo Out in my Headphones direct listening from
- Pole Zero (also if stereo from TipTop-SD, i have 95% mono left side here)
- Malekko Mix (both) ( 95% mono left side)
- Neuron ( 95% mono left side)
- Bisimilus ( 95% mono left side)

What happens here?
Energy Problems?

Headphones are okay, A-106 brings my stereo back...

Thanks for helping.

I don't believe it's buffered. Or if it is, I read lots of complaints that it still has signal loss. And buffering has nothing to do with loudness. It preserves the output voltage levels when send to destinations such as mults.
-- exper

ur right, i mean CV power not loudness :D
thx....for tha reply

A potential buyer of this modul found a information about the slew, i not found.
is it buffered or unbuffered?
is buffered better because loudness compensation?


This will be my new 9 U Rack, its actual emty
ModularGrid Rack
Its primary a Synth, some Lines below are the 6 U Rack that wants to be a Drummachine, need here some suggestions too.
ModularGrid Rack
A idea about the Sequencer:
ModularGrid Rack
(nice or too much?)

9U is controlled by the PC over Midi, later the 9U will control the Sequencer by the clocking from it.
Musicstyles are mixed electronic from Experimental, Drum n Bass, IDM, BigBeat, Dubstep to Dub.

Thanks Feedback.

Hi Modulargrid-Guys,
want to make a 5 Row Rack (5x3U) because i want to have my two Racks in One.
Its the best way to have booth in one Editor.
1x 9U and 1x 6U = 15U = 5 Rows or separated 2 Cases.
Don´t want to switch between my actual two Racks, so the best way was add 3 + 2.
But isn´t possible

u optimize zhis pls?

The Rack:
ModularGrid Rack

Trigger Riot and the other modules in First Row are RDY.
Second Row, shows some ideas.

Tendencies to non-standard Percussions and Drums or Drumsound-Modulation like sounding with a E355 (Synthesis tech.) or something strange stuff. Breakbeat/Breakcore, IDM, Rhythms and Clicks, DLY and so on, should be possible.

I Think:
- clockable Random Source
- dual OSC
- ADSR (maybe dual)
- 2 Filters
- Clock/ Trigger Manipulator
are good Options.



Hey watchmen, do u like this case? Tell me what i need...