Dear all,
I would like to do a request to the creators of this amazing site.
What about a new option after modulars and pedal, the 19" racks, so we can plan and share our studios and how we integrate outboards in our productions and workflow.
I'm sure there could be a lot of people interested in it, from who use vintage gear to who use more updated versions of outboard as well as mixers, converters and so on.
It could be an interesting feature for this site? or I'm the only one interested?

Let me know what you think and maybe the great people behind modulargrid will take this in considerations.


Let the bass be with you!

Sure thing! Done.

I had the Ginko as kit, pretty easy to assemble, just some basic soldering skills are needed (the only tricky part are the led, beware to not overheat them and check the polarity, I made some mistakes on that), but I know it was also available as "complete" module. The guy behind GinkoSynthese is very friendly and extremely helpful, so if you are interested in the module maybe it's worth to send a mail; the sample slicer is really a great module, that crunchy 12bit sound is lovable.

Best of luck with you modular!

If I had to choose a single module I would go for the disting because as you said it's the swiss army knife of modular. Clouds it's an amazing module especially if you have the mother 32 for additional processing and cv. I personally don't like the chord (bare with me, I never had one and never tested one, I just don't like the idea behind it), I would use that space for some modules for a proper synth voice or I would go for the Spectral Multiband Resonator to use in combination with the mother32.
I would like to recommend you for what about sampling the Gynkosynthese Sampleslicer, it's an amazing tool for sampling I have one, I love it and I use it a lot or if you want to stay classic you can go for the phonogene (altough it cost 4 times the Gynko) from Make Noise. If you want to spend big money you can go for some fancier samplers like the upcoming assimil8or from Rossum or the bitbox from 1010music (not that expensive but very interesting) or the ER-301 from Orthogonal devices.


Thread: FM Synthesis

Hi all!
I would Like to ask you guys an opinion about what is better for FM synthesis.
Beside price and beside the whole modular vs stand alone features what do you guys would choose and why between:
Volca FM
ALM011 / Akemie's Castle

Thanks to all!

A few words for @baguetta, I sold him my Flame Fx 16, and everything was great! Great man, great artist, great buyer!
Great communication everything was fine from start to finish. Highly recommended!

That's interesting! Anyone know if the frap modules can handle line signal? Those the module can amplify the signal?

I've saw this:

It seems it's going to be something from pittsburgh modular...
Anyone have ideas of what is going to be?

The metropolis is very nice and interesting indeed, but I would like to have hands on single 16, or more, step for sequences (8 steps would be nice just for the cv). The pressure point array is also very interesting too but again, is 3x8 only it would awesome to have also the option of 1x16 + 1x8 or 1x24 .
The space it's also a problem, for the sequencer I've planned something about 34hp, if it's worth I can sacrifice some utility modules and find some more space but not more than 2-4 hp...
The external sequencer it's a good option too, the beat step pro looks amazing! and in case I would also have space for other modules (SYNTHESIZER BOX from Pittsburgh Modular would fit lovely!).
Any other suggestion?

Thanks a lot for the help!

Oh! I didn't think about that earlier!
But 8 step it's not enough for me.
What about rené? Is it difficoult to use? Does it fits well in a live situation?

Thanks a lot!

Hi guys!
I'm about to purchase a sequencer for my rack. I would need that to sequence mainly cv and some sequence (no drum sequencing) and I ned some help choosing the right one.
Right now I'm choosing between those modules:

-Make Noise René
-Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1
-Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage
-Tip Top Trigger Riot
-Tip Top Z8000

And in case of the Tip Tops, something to generate trigger?

Tank you!

Waiting for yours feedbacks!

Thread: Dual case?

I'm looking for a dual modular suitcase (12 u), lovely would be a 104 or 114 hp, something well built, cheap, (skiff friendly maybe) and light to carry around, am I asking too much?
Do you have any case to recommend?
I saw the Gorilla case, but those are a bit more expensive than what I would like to.

Thanks a lot!!!


Thread: Zlob filter?

Hi guys!
I'm about to purchase a spring reverb and a filter, since I have 10hp free I have to find the perfect combination.
I was thinking about buy the Springray I would need a 4hp filter and I found the Zlob state variable filter ( which seems good! 2 inputs, HP, BP and LP...
My question is, Anyone have any experience with that? Does it sounds good?


Thread: Concert!

I would like to invite you all to a series of concert I will have the 20 and the 21 of June!
The concert will be at the Auditorium of Casa della Musica, in Trieste Italy, but it will be streamed around the world trough youtube, with me Angelo Comisso already Piano player with Markus Stockhausen (yep the son of Karlheinz).
I will have my little modular with me plus a lot of other toys.
Hope you will like it!

oh...didn't noticed it, it cost pretty much they same and it have more features.

Thanks a lot!

Hi guys,
I was really looking forward to buy a FLTR from pittsburgh modular, but they have sold out all the units!!!
Anyone are selling one? Any idea about where i could be able to find one?

I reserved the last 6hp on my rack for a filter with LP, HP and BP; and it seems that the FLTR is the only one with those characteristics!!


Anyway I've just receive an email about my Mutable instrument Clouds that is arrived at the shop, so today is a good day...

Hi modulars!
Does anyone know if the black and gold modules from Make Noise (in particular I'm looking forward the Phogene, Echophon and Erb-verb) will be avaible also as singles modules outside the shared system?

Thank you!

I'm about to buy a Row power too, it would be interesting to know if is just a random problem or if I risk to electrocute myself ...

Hey there!
I'm quite new too in the modular world too, but if you want to use your effects pedal you need an attenuator and an amplifier, to reduce the signal from the modular and then to re-amp it from the pedals, there are thousands of different modules and some of them are made especially for using guitars pedals (es. Malekko SND\RTN).

Hope it's clear enough and it will help you!