Hi folks - first time poster here :)

I'm trying to put together a suitcase carry on studio which I can take into cabin luggage while I travel. (Thinking about a couple months trip with my fiancée.)

Ideally, I'd have sequencer, percussion, bass/lead line, chords, mixer and delay/reverb effects. And I have a mother 32 separately for basses/leads.

Any thoughts, feedback? I'm pretty happy with how this setup looks although it's very costly. Obviously I could get a cheaper bass/lead line than the SEM but I love the patchability of it. (And the sound of course.)

This looks like a total package right? Or am I missing anything? (E.g. utilities I'm not thinking of.)


PS Oh right, I'm planning to use the Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-208 case which should be allowed on most airline cabins.