FYI, there is a way to hide your personal module submissions from the community.
-- dysonant
Yes, it's actually the default setting. I've noticed a few people have added my blind panels to their racks in MG, so I'm happy to make them available for the fun and aethetics of putting together layouts here.

After learning the basics, I'd like to start adding things to get more rhythmic sounds and patterns, not necessarily drum sounds. Bring on the glitch, for sure. What would you add to go in that direction?

Looking to start small, and choose modules that will work well together while I learn them, and hopefully maintain their usefulness as my system grows. I intend to use a Beat Step Pro as a sequencer (avoiding the need for a midi converter or sequencer module initially, right?). Ultimately I'm working toward something that can be 1) rhythmically interesting/organic, and also be 2) melodic and musical to mesh with other instruments.

I'm very open to thoughts or suggestions. Not sure if I would need a quantizer or anything else? Is maybe MMG or Ripples a better choice than Optomix, IDK? Although I want to start affordably, I'm willing to spend, just don't want an overwhelming amount of gear to learn all at once.