I am looking for one or two modules to join my LRMSMSLR for coloration of the mid and side signals.

Space is tight, no more than 8hp, so it must be small module(s).
Must provide 2 ins and 2 outs with independant processing.
CV is not a priority.

Currently on my mind are
* Happy Nerding Tritone
* Feedback Modules PRE BX or CR x 2
* Noise Engineering Kith Ruina

Any recommendations?
Other suggestions?

Really like the dark mode. Great work. Thanks.

Thread: 2hp NPF

I actually diy'ed a couple of those over the years 🤔

Any info on eta of the TM7J? MG info updated sometime this October says avaliable but noone seems to stock the module.

I have the Doepfer A-106-5 in my rack and am actually pretty happy with it, but there is a bunch of SEM type filters out there, and maybe the grass is greener ... Which SEM type filters do you know of? Which are good? Which are poor? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

Hi, I want to process the line level audio signal from my desktop synth through a eurorack filter and then to a line level desktop mixer. Question: Is an amplifier before and an attenuator after the eurorack filter necessary? Would it influence / improve the sound quality?

Which one is better? And why?

Hello cg_funk
Pamela certainly looks like an interesting option.
Do you know if there are significant differences in features between Pamela's Workout and Pamela's NEW Workout?

Flawed Master Clock

or anything resembling?
or any ideas of how to diy one?