Wow outstanding! On par with Colin Benders and approaching Richard Devine territory. I hope to have a large massive setup like yours one day and to master it.
-- sacguy71

Very kind of you, thank you!

@GarfieldModular - thanks for listening! :)

Hi Ivolvanov,

Wow that's a great nice little track! I don't know why but when I was listening at it I was thinking about acrobatics :-)

Well done, I like it and thanks a lot for sharing this. Kind regards, Garfield.
-- GarfieldModular

Thanks so much for listening!

Nicely done! At first glance, one might be tempted to ding it for being short on linear VCAs, but then there's several VCAs in the tile rows, plus the subsystems in the mixer do lots of audio-type heavy lifting. Even so, dropping something like an Erogenous VC8 in there would really punch up the CV/mod handling craziness and add some mixing/attenuverters to those signal paths. And actually, this has the room for the entire Erogenous Tones audio/CV lineup of VC8, Levit8, Radar and Blip if you can find enough to drop or leave room for in the future expansion.
-- Lugia

Thank you! Yes, I fully agree; when I put together this new system in January, my focus was essentially just on getting as many oscillators into this case as possible, because I was working on some sample libraries at that time. However, the system is definitely lacking a few elements such as VCAs. The 1U are good options and the WMD Mixer VCAs are ok in a pinch - but just not the same.

So keeping that in mind, my plan was/is to expand the system in January. I'll reconfigure this case to fine tune the functions more toward my songwriting workflow, which definitely necessitates more VCAs - and definitely more envelopes (particularly more standard ones). In the expansion case, I'll be adding all the odds and ends that didn't make it into this case, of which there are quite a few. I'll definitely post that case when it comes together in a few months.


Hi Ivo,

Wow, you got some really amazing and good stuff here in your above tracks. From all, the first one is seriously blowing me away, so good! Partly it reminds me of you becoming the new Jean-Michel Jarre, in a bit modern way :-)

The experimental track with those "metal instruments", is a lot of fun, I love those... what are they? Mattress spirals? :-)

By the way, you got yourself a nice rack here, very interesting to look at. The two Intellijel - Planer 2s look like that is your "control centre"

Nicely done and I look forward in hearing more from you! Kind regards and have a good weekend, Garfield Modular.
-- GarfieldModular

Thanks so much for your kind comments and feedback - I genuinely appreciate it!

The metal instruments are made by MorfBeats - I have various videos of them on my social channels (IG and FB in particular)..

This system is my latest - I've been into Euro since 2007 so I've owned and sold a lot of entire systems for various reasons over the years. Anyway this case is getting expanded soon because there are various types of functions missing (I had always intended to add to this - the initial module choices were skewed toward oscillators because of what I was working on for work at the time).

Anyway thanks again for listening - I'll be posting more! Cheers :)

Here's one where I am incorporating some of my metal instruments - they are hooked into the modular via two Barcus-Berry contact mics into the Joranalogue Receive 2.

Lots more on my YouTube channel 🤘🏻