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Everything seems to be working fine with the boost adapter even though I'm still almost maxing out the -12V rail.
I guess the modules need the extra from the +12V rail during power up...
Thanks again and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all continues to keep working!
Now I'd like some fuss free time to really dig in and hear what I can do with my first modular set-up.

The rougher the seas, the smoother we sail. Ahoy!

Your background is pretty similar to mine and your thoughts about modular could've been written by myself.
I kind of jumped the gun and already designed a modular system based on little knowledge and lots of intuition.
I might have chosen differently after consulting other more experienced patchers but I would've missed out on creating
something by myself for myself and learning from my mistakes. I have two complex OSCs and modules to control
them so I'm already getting interesting results from my system. But it'll take time before I'll really start to comprehend
the full potential of this particular system.

Yes, I had already thought about the possible issue with the -ve rail.
You certainly have an interesting way of trying to help somebody out in a condescending sort of way..

Thanks for the reply and the very useful info.
The rule of thumb could at least be stated on the manuals of power supply modules. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has not heard of the 3/4ths rule before.
I've now ordered the boost adapter!

Thanks a lot for all the replies! Summed up they give me a much better idea of Odessa. Extra thanks to Nick, your explanations were really helpful as I really am just at the beginning of my journey and trying to grasp the basic concepts of sculpting sound with a modular system.
The Odessa is deep but (because of it?) a fascinating module. Maybe I should've started out with a simpler OSC but I couldn't resist it!


I've stumbled upon a problem that has been less discussed (or maybe I haven't just found the right topics?).
I took time and effort to build a modular system and quadruple-check all the specs.
The specs of my system are +12V 932mA / -12V 474mA / +5V 0mA.
I'm using a uZeus with the 1A power adapter.
I looked at the specs and thought I'm still good but when I powered up lights started flashing and I powered off immediately.
Luckily all modules are fine. After recovering from the shock I found info somewhere that some modules need temporarily more juice at power up (especially digital modules?).
Why are the power consumption specs of modules not taking this into consideration?
Is there a way to calculate or otherwise find out the maximum power consumption of a specific module?
If not, how big of a buffer should I percentage wise leave so I'll not encounter these kind of problems again?

If I now go and buy the 3A boost power adapter for the uZeus will I be fine and able to power up above mentioned system safely without skipping heart beats or losing more hair?


First post here and just starting to dip my toes into the deep ocean of modular.

I'm looking at the specs of Odessa and it says that the pitch CV V/Oct input accepts voltages in -5V to +10V range.
All other CV inputs on the Odessa accept -5V to +5V.
I've gathered that my control modules operate in the range of -5V to +5V.
My question:
What happens if I send CV only in the range of -5V to +5V to the Odessa's CV V/Oct input?
What will I be missing in the functionality of the Odessa in theory and practice?

Thanks for the help!