A single piece of paper can be folded into innumerable shapes. In the same way, a single Nozori platform can morph into multiple eurorack modules.

The nozori concept consist of using the same hardware for multiple modules. This hardware is based on a powerful digital core to allow huge versatility. Potentiometers, inputs or outputs can adapt to many module designs: from standard modules like VCO, VCF, LFO to outstanding functionality never seen before. This solve two problems of the eurorack world: the price and the size of a system.
You can unleash your experimentation process without spending much on new modules : one hardware allows more experimentations since you can try many different modules. You may have a module that you did not used anymore. With a nozori, this will never happen : when your rack evolves, you only need to change few jumpers to find the perfect module for the situation.

2 hardwares are available : the Nozori 68 with 6 potentiometers, 4 CV in, 2 audio IN and 2 audio OUT, and the Nozori 84 with 8 potentiometers, 2 audio IN and 2 audio OUT.
This 2 platforms allow an extensive range of modules. The available list is impressive : shape morphing VCO, morphing VCF, FM or other sound generators, sequencers, shape morphing LFO, chaotic CV generators, sound effects. A total of 40 modules, have already been developed. Since the production of a Nozori module did not involve any hardware cost, Nozoïd had developed very specific module that other manufacturers do not risk producing.

A kickstarter campaign have just been started to finance the production of this hardware. A good opportunity to be the first to get one, at a lower price. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nozoid/nozori-one-hardware-multiples-eurorack-modules?ref=bv072v

more information about the modules : http://nozoid.com/nozori/

For Parisian people, I'll be there:
Sunday afternoon.
I hope to see some of you there for a live demo!

Thanks for the proposition,
send me a private mail (http://nozoid.com/contact/), so we can discuss.

Hello Marc,
Unfortunately, I did not have this kind of example.
I add it to my TODO list...


I'm glad to announce the OCS-2 synthesizer!

OCS-2 is a digital, semi-modular, analogue style synthesizer.
It is more design as a stand alone synth, but it is also eurorack compatible (50HP).
I think it can be a good way to start a modular setup, or to have a small hardware for performance if you can't move your big eurorack box.
Or even to add 1 synth voice to an already existing setup.

This synth is composed with :

2 VCO providing 15 different waveforms (including few atypical one)
1 VCF : multi-mode, including a 24db/octave low pass resonant filter
3 LFO : 2 with configurable waveform, 1 with CV frequency control
1 custom CV generator with 4 algorithms : Attack Release, dual LFO, Random, Step
1 audio effects processor with 4 effects : Distortion, Delay, Bitcrush, Waveshaper
1 ring modulator
1 CV controlled mixer for VCO1 and VCO2
2 octaves keyboard with portamento
1 digital matrix to connect signals to modulation faders
1 stereo line-IN with envelope follower and gate control
1 MIDI input : note / velocity / pitch bend / modulation wheel / control change
3 analogue CV IN and 1 GATE IN
1 light sensor

It provide a digital connection matrix, so you don't need cable, it's very compact and even comes with it's own box!!!

Ok, I know, it's digital and many don't like that.
but let's listen to its sound, watch videos and talk about it later.

Find more informations the website:

Cyrille Henry / Nozoïd