Amazing rack!

For what it’s worth, be mindful of the space adjacent to the power module. You can only place very shallow modules within 4 hp or so of that location, with the Quad Envelope manual saying it is 26mm deep (not counting connector placement, which can create problems even for the most shallow of modules there.)

This is definitely one of the things I’m least happy with regarding the Rackbrute, along with its angle adjustment being more limited than you’d assume (and actually more limited than what is shown in the manual!) :/
-- mvdirty

Thank you for your feedback!!!

Okay I did:

New Screenshot

At first I wanna thank you for your ideas.

I bought the Braids & Clouds before they disappeared from the market. To me they sounded good (live and via YouTube) and were pretty versatile, don't you think so?

Regarding the mutliples I will follow your advice. All other modules were just ides, so I would be really curious what you would change if this was your rack! I am totally open minded. As I also have the Minibrute and the Grandmother I already have some firepower (At least I am almost sure I do not need another analog oscillator).

So here is the changed rack:

Modified rack

It still shows the old one???

Sorry, I was talking about Braids and Clouds!

I also try to figure out a nice setup with the Minibrute.

At first site your setup is simple and I am almost sure anything can help to improve the versatility of the Minibrute. I think multiples, an Expert Sleepers Distinc, LFOs and ADSRs are things you can never have enough of

Dear fellows,

I am also in the process of setting up a little Eurorack setup to compliment my Minibrute, DFAM and Grandmother, but flexible enough to work with only one of them if needed. I already own the the two modules of Mutable Instruments.

My music will be versatile, but based on deep house and ambient/chill.

My Rack

Hope for your support!

Hey there,

I am planning on investing into some Eurorack Modules to compliment my analog keys. Any advice or recommendations? Please check out my planned Eurorack and comment if you find the time.

Thanks in advance.