Hello all, long time lurker on the forums and im slowly formulating what I want from my first rack. Coming from semi modular I aimed to ease myself in gently with the metropolis, Atlantis combo, a 6U 104 rack to fill., So with that arriving Monday where do i go from there, I really love the spectral resonator but not sure how it will get along with the Atlantis so i took it out giving way to more functional module. I love lush ambience and acid bass lines i have a mackie mixer and eventide space i kept hold of from selling off all my other synths, the Atlantis , metropolis and further 1k to spend straight away from the sale of a few things :p......where to next. Any help will be really appreciated, with it being a small system i would like suggestions on modules that can perform some of the basic utility functions and maybe i can do away with some of the standalone modules.