mini skiff

I'm getting close to rearranging my main rack and was thinking about starting a mini euro skiff on the side
to try different combinations for minimal patches. I have a leftover uZeus power supply
and wondered if a combination like this might go well in a 4MS Pod26, but it occurs to me
that some of the modules might be too deep? Alternatively I could look at a Pod34X/Pod40X
and keep an 8/14HP slot vacant for testing DIY builds.
I'd be interested to know if this layout would be enough to come up with some interesting standalone
patches and/or justify getting one of those unpowered 4MS pods?
I wonder whether I would end up keeping this build, or perhaps use it to house all the more
interactive/controller type modules for ready access. For people who already do this, do you find
you have to get a lot of longer patch cables, or does it just become too much of a tangle to bother?