Gave it a bit of a poke, mostly to fix the layout but I also was able to remove a few modules that either weren't cost-effective or necessary:
ModularGrid Rack
Most everything is still the same as far as module complement, but I was able to mash the polarizers (and add more functionality) by swapping that for a Xaoc Samara II, which also contains VCAs for your mod row. Losing the buffered mult + a bit of shuffling then let me put in the Takaab VLH, which adds a ring modulator, suboscillator, and noise source to your VCO complement. And one more crunch let me put in a pair of ADSRs courtesy of Paratek's updated version of Peaks. But besides those changes and the module shuffle (which now has audio up, modulation down except for the Stereomix, with signal flow on both now working left-to-right), it's pretty much ready to rock.

Oh, and two more VCAs got added in the audio row, right after the Rings clone, so that you can use those to control stereo amplitude coming out of the Rings and before it hits the Monsoon, with the Plancks serving to submix prior to the Stereomix, if needed.