Hi! Oh cool, Techno System. I play mine both on its own and as part of larger systems. When I click on your image I'm going to a more complete system but I'm wondering if you could use more mixing and/or output. There are a lot of mixing channels in the techno system but from my experience that section does tend to fill up. The oscillators and effects need to go somewhere, Optomix is good but do you need more submixing for those prior to output? On the other hand, there is technically room for all the voices in the three techno system mixers, and it might be all you need. I'm curious as to where the Erica Link module went, that would actually be a terrific output for this system. Perhaps you've got this solved with other modules. It's a little big, but a Roland 531 would give you more mixing room and a lot of performance control. A DivKid OCHD would be something to consider as well, it would put a lot of movement into the system. I've gotten great results plugging OCHD into the TS, Drum Sequencer loves it. Good luck!