Thx for the very detailed tear down and brutally honest opinions with regard to what is needed or not needed. I appreciate the time you took to configure what is deemed a workable and solid solution.

I'll admit I bought a good part of the modules that are included in that build. Some modules were bought as part of building a previous 104HP build.
ModularGrid Rack

...others were bought with the intention of having a sort of all-in-one solution that can be used in a live context - the two drum modules, the bat, wolf, and filter of crows. Perhaps, in foolish haste and not knowing what you don't know, I ended up in this direction. At this point, I just have to make the best out of it or just sell off some modules that don't gel well.

This is what I currently have. I'm planning on selling the Tangle Quartet and Bastl Cinnamon first.
ModularGrid Rack

I'll have to re-consider my direction.