Thread: Eurorackmine

Thank you for your insight and advice!
I assembled these modules in 2014, when I first found ModularGrid, just to try out the platform, and especially TrueGrid live browser patching space. So, I used modules that will run in TrueGrid. I wanted to try out something anorthodox, to see how the digital emulations would reproduce the behaviors of the analog in various scenaria. I have some patches there, made with the above abomination, for example this generative soundscape. Lots of fun!
I am using only one oscilator as voice, through two filters. Everything else is used for control and cross-modulates in chaotic fashion. Also, I use the delay for CV.
I would not buy these modules to build this as my synth case, I am just experimenting.
These days VCV-Rack works much better, but TrueGrid was pure magic back then. Have you tried it out? It only works with few select modules.
See some other stuff I do here