So after a lot of hand-wringing, I ordered some more Eurorack modules. I had been debating more and more over the mixer... whether to add a 1010 Music Bitbox at this point and a bunch of other modules. I settled for a Blue Lantern STEREO mixer. It has the most ins and outs and TWO aux sends and returns.

I added a switch, some mutes, an attenuverter, some nice Tiptop ADSRs, and a Joranalogue Filter 8. I took a step back and thought about where I was hitting roadblocks in patches rather than thinking about gear lust. I'm trying to get into the undiscovered aspects of my set-up more and more rather than adding new gear, but I just didn't feel like I was at a point where ideas could develop to the point that I was comfortable taking them into a DAW.

There's more modules planned and probably another 4U Intellijel rack that will become "master-control" with sequencing, interfaces and anything else that was hands on.