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Other/unknown Christian Günther - XR22 VCO by 4
Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot by 1 AteOhAte Toms X3 by 1
Malekko Heavy Industry Wiard XMIX by 3
KOMA Elektronik Kabelhänger by 5
Buranelectrix Dredrum by 1
MFB Dual ADSR by 1
Bell / Chime Sound with Intellijel Ringmodulator ? by 5
Other/unknown Moog WST-E1 by 1
Intellijel Spock by 1
Other/unknown GRP R24 by 3
Curetronic QUAD-VCA by 1
Blue Lantern Modules Passive Synth Level to Line Level Converter by 1
Gezeiten UltimaRatio by 1
Other/unknown Dual LPG by 7
Other/unknown Hexinverter NeinOhNein by 1
Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulæ Custom by 1
Cwejman VCO-2RM (better image) DUPLICATE by 4
Resynthesis LiquidHH by 1
Steffensen Arplifier by 1
Other/unknown RADIO RADIO by 1
Dwarfcraft Devices The Great Destroyer by 2
Other/unknown Mattson Mini, Quad VC Mixer by 1
Befaco Dual Atenuverter by 3
Synthwerks Lamp-2 by 1
Make Noise Teleplexer (upside-down) by 17
L-1 Microcompressor Stereo by 2
Panels4DIY PS842b by 3
Gieskes voice rec-1b by 1
Thonk 4×4 Mult Circuit Abbey DUPLICATE by 1
Intellijel Baby Steps (Prototype) by 1
Other/unknown 8 Stage Vactrol Sequencer by 1
Erica Synths Polivoks VCF by 4
AMSynths AM8328 The Mirage Filter by 1
Other/unknown 555 VCO by 1
Metasonix R-56 by 3
MengQiMusic Preset Voltage by 6
Numerical EURO Brute by 9
MengQiMusic new demo by 2
Evaton Technologies RF Nomad (pre-prod. prototype) by 2
4ms Company RCD Breakout v1.1 by 1
Frequency Central System X Amplifier by 3
Other/unknown Triplatt & Mr. Mult (DIY) by 2
Doepfer A-127-2 VCRF BOM by 1
RYO Optodist by 2
Other/unknown Neutron Duofonik by 1
Doepfer A-1?? Thru-Zero Quadrature VCO/VCF (QVCO) by 4
L-1 Quad VCA/Mixer by 1
ADDAC System ADDAC210 Open Heart Surgery by 4
Other/unknown ARP4072 Filter (YuSynth) by 2
Thonk VERTER by 1
synthCube Barton Simple Dual Quantizer Clarke Panel by 4
Other/unknown ARP ODYSSEY dual filter by 3
Grayscale Maths 2 upside down by 4
Other/unknown GX1 Bandpass Filter Module by 2
Doepfer A-156 by 1
Other/unknown Pokey by 1
Other/unknown Dewanatron Triple Slice by 3
Other/unknown CVToolbox by 2
Orthogonal Devices ER-101 (nostalgia) by 1
Kenton Kenton Modular Solo by 1
Medic Modules Voice Box by 1
Make Noise Maths (upside down) by 2
Mungo Enterprises p0 by 2
Moog CP-251 by 1
Eowave A.D. Amplification Discrète by 1
Caleb Condit romanF 266r SOU by 1
Other/unknown nw2s::b by 11
Synthrotek PWR by 3
Analogue Solutions Eurokorn (Black) by 1
Other/unknown burninmonk JD Panel by 6
Other/unknown DIY Toppobrillo 281 by 1
Doepfer A-100B8 by 1
Pittsburgh Modular MixMult by 1
J3RK FadeX by 1
Intellijel Buff Mult by 1
L-1 Tube VCA by 1
Other/unknown MOTM-300 mini v1 by 6
Other/unknown Memory Manager by 1
Happy Nerding Super Sawtor by 1
Acidlab MS2 by 1
Bubblesound Instruments SEM 20 by 1
Soundmachines RB1 Robotto by 1
Other/unknown Dual comparator by 1
L-1 L-1 Tube VCA (duplicate!) by 1
Other/unknown Random Volt Generator by 1
Cwejman D-LFO by 3
PulpLogic Entry Point by 1
Modcan Dual Wave by 1
WMD Multimode Envelope by 1
Delptronics LDB-1e Analog Drums by 1 MIDI2CV v1.0 by 1
Grayscale Maths v2 (Grayscale panel) by 1
Macbeth Studio Systems Micromac -R 56hp by 1
Other/unknown 20 Objects - Ardcore001 by 2
PulpLogic 1U Outputs by 5
ADDAC System Dual WASP this user has left ModularGrid by 3
Other/unknown A-110 VCO Linear FM / Soft Sync by 1
PulpLogic 1U Switch by 5
Doepfer A-109 by 1