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Other/unknown USB-MIDI2CV 0
Verbos complex oscillator,modulation oscillator cuts out. by 1
Other/unknown VG2 by 1
Intellijel Metropolis by 1
EMW Distance Recorder by 1
C-214, anyone? by 1
Other/unknown DLP - MIDI Clock by 1
Analogue Solutions Rs2 90 by 1
Gezeiten UltimaRatio by 1
Synthesis Technology E950 by 1
Tiptop Audio BD909 by 1
x0x-heart Euro module - TB303 acid voice - crowdfunding by 1
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Bastl Instruments Little Nerd by 1
Bubblesound Instruments VCA4p by 1
Hikari Instruments SINE by 1
Audio Damage ADM04 FreqShift by 1
Barton Musical Circuits VCA Mixer (DUPLICATE) by 1
Nonlinearcircuits Cluster matrix mixer by 1
Doepfer A-138b by 1
Other/unknown Lego Usonic by 1
Other/unknown Spacer / Blank by 1
Xaoc Devices Moskwa by 1
4ms Company Rotating Clock Divider (RCD) Black PCB by 1
Other/unknown Polyend Poly by 1
FM Synthesis by 1
Random*Source Euro Serge SSG by 1
AMSynths AM8071 Snowfall VCF by 1
Other/unknown E350X Morphing Terrarium Expander by 1
Other/unknown sys12 by 1
Ninstrument Dual Sequencer by 1
Doepfer A-109 by 1
Elby Designs CGS735 Synathacon Filter by 1
Other/unknown A-110 VCO Linear FM / Soft Sync by 1
Trigger Sequencers by 1
Sputnik 6 Channel mixer by 1
Macbeth Studio Systems Micromac -R 56hp by 1
Grayscale Maths v2 (Grayscale panel) by 1 MIDI2CV v1.0 by 1
Delptronics LDB-1e Analog Drums by 1
WMD Multimode Envelope by 1
Modcan Dual Wave by 1
PulpLogic Entry Point by 1
Noise Reap ISD Sampler by 1
Radikal Technologies RT-451 by 1
Thonk Radio Music by 1
Seismic Industries IPS – Interruptible Power Supply - preliminary by 1
Analogman King of Tone by 1
Other/unknown Random Volt Generator by 1
L-1 L-1 Tube VCA (duplicate!) by 1
PAiA 4720 by 1
The Lora Module of SX1278 by 1
Other/unknown Dual comparator by 1
Make Noise CTRLSEL-V by 1
Soundmachines RB1 Robotto by 1
Rossum Electro-Music's Control Forge - complex "wavetable like" CV modulation/sequencer... by 1
Bubblesound Instruments SEM 20 by 1
Added Bees in the Trees variant of Braids by 1
Acidlab MS2 by 1
Happy Nerding Super Sawtor by 1
Other/unknown Memory Manager by 1
Pittsburgh Modular Percussion Sequencer by 1
L-1 Tube VCA by 1
Mutable instruments Grids by 1
Other/unknown Utter Decay - 4hp by 1
Intellijel Buff Mult by 1
Cynthia Super Psycho LFO by 1
J3RK FadeX by 1
Modcan 11a Mixer/Panner by 1
Pittsburgh Modular MixMult by 1
Cynthia SubMux Deluxe by 1
Doepfer A-100B8 by 1
Other/unknown DIY Toppobrillo 281 by 1
Bastl Instruments CV TRINITY by 1
Other/unknown PassiVac by 1
Doepfer A-160-5 Ratcheting Controller by 1
Analogue Solutions Eurokorn (Black) by 1
Other/unknown MonotronDelay by 1
Random*Source DSG mk2 by 1
Flame VCDO-4 by 1
Other/unknown VCF-74 (Rev-C) by 1
Cyndustries Sawtooth Animator by 1
Caleb Condit romanF 266r SOU by 1
Eowave A.D. Amplification Discrète by 1 PATCHBLOCKS by 1
Boss ES-5 by 1
Moog CP-251 by 1
Blue Lantern Modules Assist Percussive Utility Module by 1
Recovery Effects Sound Destruction Device mk2 by 1
Other/unknown DIY SCM Breakout Switch by 1
Anyone have idea of what is this? by 1
Future Sound Systems MTX9 - DIY Clone? by 1
Audio to CV converter by 1
Medic Modules Voice Box by 1
Intellijel µScale II by 1
Kenton Kenton Modular Solo by 1
Blue Lantern Modules Passive Synth Level to Line Level Converter by 1
Orthogonal Devices ER-101 (nostalgia) by 1