Vectr (Silver)

3D Sensing Gesture Controller and Sequencer

Vectr is a 3D sensing gesture controller and sequencer. Vectr senses a users hand in space above it's surface. Think of moving your hand through a cube of air. Vectr senses your hand and uses its position to generate CV. It has one output for left to right, one for up and down, and one for near to far. The sensing area is about 3.5"x4"x6". Vectr has a really deep menu system, allowing for all sorts of customization and configuration. For instance, each output can be individually configured in a number of ways, such as: range, quantization, linearity and slew rate.

Vectr is also a sequencer. Sequences of hand movements can be recorded up to 50 seconds long. Sequence recording and playback behaviors are also configurable, allowing for each to to be triggered internally or externally to make synchronized loops. The sequences and settings can be saved in non-volatile memory to be recalled after power down. Vectr also has a number of fun features like overdubbing, which allows for each axis to be recorded individually like a multi-tracker. There is a sequence mode where you can quickly and easily change between up to four recorded sequences. You can also enter a mode which allows you to play a sequence like scratching a record.

Vectr has inputs and outputs for clock synchronization. So, Vectr can synchronize to another clock in the system or act as the main system clock with provisions for clocking another sequencer.

Vectr is super fun to play with and presents an entirely new way to interact with your rig.

Vectr Features

Output Voltages - X,Y,Z outputs are -5V to +5V with configurable ranges. All other inputs and outputs are 0-5V
Power Requirements - +/-12V, +5V is generated on the board from +12V
Current consumption - Maximum +12V 250mA, -12V 50mA

X - Left to Right
Y - Top to Bottom
Z - Near to Far
Sync - Configurable output for hand, quantization, or sequencing indication - multiple configurable behaviors
Clk - Sequence timing output - 1,2,4,8, or 16 pulses per loop

Record - For triggering recording
Playback - For triggering playback
Hold - For holding the output value - multiple configurable behaviors
Mod - CV input - for manipulating sequence playback
Sync - For retriggering playback

Menu Options:
XYZ Menus - These options are individually configurable for each axis output
Range - +/-5V, +/-2.5V, 0-+5V, 0-+1V, Ramp (A signal which linearly corresponds to sequence position)
Quantization - Off, Chromatic, Major, Pentatonic, Octave
Linearity - Continuously variable from logarthmic to linear to antilogarithmic
Slew Rate - Very short to Very long - This controls how quickly the output values change, like a configurable low pass filter.
Track - Hold, Track, Track/Live, Zero, Envelope Zero - These are different behaviors for when the output is held

Record Menu
Source - Internal trigger or External trigger
Control Mode - Rising Edge Trigger or Level Trigger

Playback Menu
Source - Internal trigger or External trigger
Control Mode - Rising Edge Trigger or Level Trigger
Looping Mode - Looping, Pendulum, Flip, One-shot, Retrigger

Overdub Menu
Source - Internal trigger or External trigger
Control Mode - Rising Edge Trigger or Level Trigger

Modulation Menu
Speed, Quantized Speed, Scrub, Trim, Mirror

Gate Output Menu
Hand, Reset, Playback Gate, Record Gate, Quantization Gate

Sync Output Menu
1,2,4,8, or 16 pulses

Perfomance Modes
Overdub - Overdub an actively playing sequence on one or more axis
Sequence - Quickly switch between up to four recorded sequences
Scratch - Play a sequence like scratching a record
Mute - Quickly turn outputs on and off

  • 250 mA +12V
  • 50 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 24 mm deep
  • Ø 4.25 (4 Votes) Average Rating

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