Rear Input Trimmer

Trimmer w/o input jacks at front

A compact eight channel level control for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages for integration with SwitchMix™ or standalone use.

The Trimmer is much more than just a buffered attenuator. Each channel may be precisely calibrated between -10dB (÷3) to +10dB (x3) gain so that prior signal or CV losses may be compensated. A Trimmer may be inserted into the DB25 input or output connections of SwitchMix™ and may also incorporate phase inverting switches and/or a mixture of connectors with normalling.

A precision 5V reference is included and all the input jacks are normalled in a cascade. By default the 5V appears on all inputs, but a patched connection will break the chain and that signal will appear at all inputs below it. The reference voltage may be selected in 1V steps by a link or a switch on an option panel.

Trimmer 8 has balanced or unbalanced compatible inputs and outputs, extending its use beyond synthesizer patching to other audio routing applications. It is suitable for interfacing DAW sound cards to a synthesizer and may be used for balanced to unbalanced or unbalanced to balanced conversions with level change.

  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

submitted May 26th 2019, 19:56 by pflosi