Mono to Stereo jacks? or Stereo to Mono jacks? …both way!

M2S is passive eurorack module. You can convert signal from two mono
channels to stereo jack (or backwards). M2S can be also used like passive stereo
output module. Two mono signals can be connected in to R and L jacks. Then you
can connect headphones or cable to active loudspeakers to stereo output. M2S can
also make “stereo” signal from one mono signal. If you connect only one mono signal
to L(MONO) jack, copy of this signal will be on both L and R signals on STEREO

There are two independent sections in one M2S module. Both sections can
work in various working modes. Modes are switched by Switch* on bottom side.
Section 2 with protection resistors in L and R channel is suitable to mix both channels
in stereo signal to one MONO signal.

1=2 mode – in this mode is 1L (mono) channel shared also to section 2. 1L
(mono) input is copied to both stereo outputs. In case of connection of second mono
signal to 2L (MONO) jack, sharing of 1L signal will be cut. If you do not want to cut
this sharing you have to connect solder jumper J1** with solder iron and solder wire
(just solder two points together). When jumper J1** is connected and you insert
stereo signal in to 2 STEREO jack, L and R channels will be joined to one mono
signal and will be shared to both L(MONO) jacks.

1x2 mode – This mode provides two separated sections: mono to stereo or
stereo to mono sections. There is no connection between section 1 and 2. For mixing
L and R stereo channels use primary section 2.

Front panel is made from CNC milled anodized aluminium .
M2S doesn’t require any power – it is passive module.

  • Module does not draw current
  • 13 mm deep
  • Ø 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating

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