2 HP
13 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$37 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Mult9 is a very handy basic passive multiple module with 9 jack sockets that sports only 2 HP.

Mult9 is a very handy basic passive multiple module. It contains 9 jack sockets in 2 HP.

You can use it to split any signal (clock, gate, trigger, DC or audio) in multiple ways and directions, according to your patches needs. You can use Mult9 for one or two input
signals in three working modes:

1) If you connect input signal to any jack except no.5, copy of the signal will be
on each jack except no.5.
2) If you connect input signal to jack no.5, you split Mult9 to two sections
into two different input signals. The first section will be jacks no.1-4. Second
section will be jacks no.5-9
3) If you want to use all 9 jacks for one signal (no.5 jack included). You
have to connect solder jumper J1* on the bottom side of the module. It is easy,
just use solder iron and solder wire to solder two points of jumper
together and you are good to go.

Panel is made from high-quality CNC milled anodized aluminum.
Mult9 is a passive 2 HP module and doesn't require any power. Ideal for filling leftover spaces in your rack or when you need to maximize the amount of modulation in your case from your standard sources of CV.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled by hand at Konstant Lab - Slovakia.


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