M-240 MIDI to Trig 4ch Velocity Converter

4 channel MIDI to Trig velocity sensitive interface

Velocity sensitive (dynamic!!!) 4ch MIDI to trig converter Ladik M-240 for eurorack / Doepfer A100 system.

Variable trigger levels (according to incoming note velocity) MIDI to trig interface (output in 0..5V or 0..10V ranges).
Great for drum modules triggering, no need for „accent“ input and yet you get incomparable liveliness…
Absolutely necessary for your important drum sounds (BD, SD…).

For more trigger outputs use my M-210 12ch (or 11+acc) MIDI to trig module too.
M-240 + M-210 = 4 dynamic and 12 steady-level triggers = 16 drum sounds = large and LIVE! analog drum system :)

Simple programming:
1.press learn button, LED lights up.
2. play 4 notes (any notes on any channel) and you are done, LED goes off.
Hold learn button for more than 2 secs to change velocity curve (3 curves):
at button releasing LED blinks that way (same blinks at power up to show actual curve):
6 fast flashes = linear curve
4 double blinks = expo (lowered trig levels at middle velocity)
4 slow blinks = log (increased trig levels at middle velocity)
Setting and velocity curve are memorized even when switched off.
Hold learn button at powering for restore to initial settings (CH1, notes 60-63, linear curve).

Every trigger output can be assigned to any channel/note independently.
Shipped with linear curve, MIDI CH1, notes „middle C“ to „D#“ (midi notes 60-63).
LED blinks shortly at receiving any note set.
No need for 5V rack power bus (powered from +12V rail only).

Triggers output range can be set by jumpers for every channel in 0..5V or 0..10V (red arrows on pic).
Jumper set = 0..5V, jumper removed = 0..10V range, 16 trigger levels at every trigger output.
Triggers are 500us long.


  • 25 mA +12V
  • 25 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 65 mm deep

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