12 HP
50 mm deep
Current Draw
450 mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$62 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

S-510 Speaker

S-510 Speaker w. amp module

Two inputs (equally mixed), input 2 is hardwired to mult2 (output), volume knob.
Internal amplifier can delivery up to 2,5W (allow some free space inside rack around heatsinks, heatsinks may become really hot!)
Kindly insert module only when rack is switched off, heatsinks and its screws at bottom side are at +-12V power supplies thus your power supply can be easily shorted!

Width: 12TE/ 12HP/ 60mm
Depth: 50mm /2″ max.
Current: quiescent 10mA, 100-150mA at normal volumes, up to 450mA(!) at high volumes


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