Triple VCO & noise

TRILOBITE is a triple saw-core oscillator analogue module inspired by the original Moog schematics and made with thru-hole components only

The module features:
- 4 octave ranges
- 3 waveforms (triangle, square, saw),
- UNISON (FINE) control with a range of +/- 12 semi-tones
- Independent LIN FM and PWM inputs with attenuators
- White noise source

Independent audio output is provided for each oscillator. A mixed output is also present featuring a level control.
We are recommend to use independent audio outputs to avoid distortion, in this case MiX output works as WHITE NOISE source with attenuator.

V/oct input of the first oscillator is normalled to all 3 oscillators, so OSC2 and OSC3 would track it too, however, connecting other signals to the other V/oct inputs make each input independent.
The minimum frequency of each oscillator is as low as 3Hz which makes it possible to use them as LFO.
Each oscillator tracks up to 9 octaves.

Trilobite as is a full analog module so should be allowed 5-7 minutes to warm up before use.

Technical info:
* 26HP
* skiff-friendly
* 200 mA +12V
* 180 mA -12V
* 0 mA +5V

hand-built in Kyiv, Ukraine

  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 25 mm deep

This Module is currently available.

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