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? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
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Dark drone synth

Create alluring and mind altering soundscapes with Maneco Labs’ Grone 2, an updated version of their drone synth with a multitude of layers for creating dark and epic pads of eeriness. Starting at its core, the Grone 2 works of translating equations based upon three variables—A0, A1, and A2—from one of 16 possible equations dictated by the up and down keys. From there, the oscillator is dictated by the sample rate control, determining pitch and speed, as well as the osc level control for blending it into the drone. Additionally, you can blend white noise into a summing low pass filter based around the MS-20, easily manipulable with controls over cutoff and resonance as well as two modulation input sources.
The final section of the tone generation is the effects section on the right, featuring a tap tempo delay and reverb with a multitude of controls. The delay can be set to reverse while the reverb can be frozen in place, both amazing tools for creating otherworldly soundscapes evocative of fantasy and magic. The modulation section of Grone 2 features an LFO with eight waveforms to choose from as well as a rate control—things like MOD1 of the VCF as well as delay block 1. With CV inputs to control a variety of these parameters as well as individual outputs for each section of the Grone 2 makes it a highly versatile module to compliment your system or drone out on its own.

Grone 2 Features

Drone synthesizer module
VCO section based around 16 different binary equations to analog signals
Three controls fill out the equation (A0, A1, A2) while sample rate control determines speed and pitch of oscillator
White noise with level and output jack to blend with oscillator
MS20 resonant low pass filter sculpts generators
VCF controls include cutoff, resonance, modulation 1 and 2
Modulation includes an LFO routed to VCF’s MOD1 control and delay block 1
Rate and waveform specify modulation with eight possible waveforms
Effects section includes tap tempo delay with reverse functionality and freezable reverb


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