Wave Multipliers & Tube VCA

Metalbox constructed version of CGS's Wave Multipliers and Tube VCA behind one panel

Folds manual and CV attenuator - sets amount of harmonic folding
Offset manual and CV attenuator - adds a DC offset prior to folding
Pulsewidth manual and CV attenuator - controls pulsewidth of pulse output
Grinder drive - Grinder input level
Grinder lag - alters harmonic content
Lockhart input level - determines level into Lockhart folder
VCA In 1 - Attenuator for Tube VCA input 1
VCA CV - Attenuator for VCA control voltage
VCA FDBCK - Adds feedback to tube VCA input
Inputs 1-2 - inputs to primary Wave Multiplier
Folds CV input - VC control of wave folding
Pulsewidth CV input - set PWM level
Offset CV input - add an external DC offset or another waveform
Folds output - primary Wave Multiplier output
Pulse outputs - squared up version of primary output
Grinder I/O - in and out to Grinder section
Lockhart I/O - in and outs of Lockhart section
VCA IN 1-2 - inputs to vacuum tube vca. In 2 is unattenuated.
VCA CV - VCA control voltage in
VCA Out - Output of tube VCA


  • 125 mA +12V
  • 0 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V

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