Multi FX processor based on the Spin FV-1 DSP chip.

The hardware offers stereo in, stereo out. Level and mix control on both channels. The right hand input is normalized to the left hand input for mono in/stereo out (this configuration still provides independent level/mix adjustment for each channel).
Full stereo depends on the program running. A few are stereo in, stereo out. Many are mono in, stereo out. Some are mono in, mono out.
Suggested 32KHz crystal provides max 1sec delay times at ~15KHz bandwidth.

CV control
The FV-1 provides three control voltage inputs. Dervish provides summed pot & external CV for each of these. External CV range is +/-5V with the corresponding pot centered. "Prog Adv" used to advance the program.

11 banks of 8 programs. The FV-1 can address a single bank of 8 effects/programs stored in an external i2c EEPROM. Dervish expands support to 11 banks of 8 effects (binary + text) by using a larger EEPROM & storing the extra banks above the 4KB addressed by the FV-1. An ATTiny MCU provides the ability to switch banks by copying the new bank into the FV-1's addressable space. A 4-pin connector exposing the i2c bus is provided so you can customize the content of the EEPROM.

  • 90 mA +12V
  • 22 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 35 mm deep

This Module is currently available.

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