Bus Mult alløws yøu tø passively distribute signals thrøughøut yøur system using a twø pin jumper cable øn the back øf each mødule. Bus Mults can either be daisy chained tø øne anøther in an endless cascade ør cønnected directly tø the cv ør gate bus øn yøur busbøard. This distributiøn methød alløws yøu tø save a sløt øn yøur mult that nørmally wøuld be reserved før linking twø mults tøgether. It is nøw alsø pøssible tø have øne signal be distributed løng distances thrøughøut yøur system withøut the need før løng cables. Each mødule cømes in a pack øf three, with a øne føøt twø pin jumper cable. Lønger cables can be built ør purchased frøm cømmøn electrønics suppliers. This mødule døes nøt need pøwer, sø yøu can grab a bunch and scatter them thrøughøut yøur case withøut wørrying abøut current draw. Get rid ø' dat spaghetti bra!!!

  • Module does not draw current
  • 20 mm deep

This Module is currently available.

2 HP Multiple
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