Date Region Description Price Seller
SwitzerlandVery good condition ![my module](https://scontent.fzrh2-1.fna.fbcdn.n...€257,00gihaume View
EUThe overall condition of this *Intellijel Rubicon* is *like new*. ##...€280,00kamaltheworld View
EUExcellent condition. No rash. Original box. Postage cost in the UK i...£200.00nnop View
EUExcellent condition, all working, minimum rack rash. I can send photos o...€250,00pure View
EUThe overall condition of this Intellijel Rubicon is very good, i am the ...€220,00racooniac View
EUThe Rubicon is a masterpiece of a VCO from the hands of Mr. David Dixon....$321.46 View
USAWorks great, has some rack rash [![Intellijel Rubicon](https://images....$285.00 View
USAThru Zero Triangle Core VCO, mk1A fantastic analog VCO;  12 simultaneous...$299.00 View