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08/06/19 NU Noise Reap LFO v2 (matte black)
Skewable LFO
Canada $35.00  The overall condition of this *Noise Reap LFO v2 (matte black)* is *great*. ###techn...  View
08/14/19 Nonlinearcircuits Triple Sloths V2 - Magpie Black Panel
Slow Chaotic Modulation
Canada $20.00  Panel only for saleCNC aluminum panel with engraved labels on it using black inkfill.Us...  View
08/14/19 Nonlinearcircuits Neuron - Difference rectifier (papernoise panel)
A module combining an analog neuron and a differential rectifier circuit
Canada $25.00  Panel only for saleCNC aluminum panel with engraved labels on it using black inkfill.Us...  View
08/14/19 Nonlinearcircuits Vactrol PiLL (Modular Addict Panel)
Vactrol PiLL (Modular Addict Panel)
Canada $15.00  Panel only for saleCNC aluminum panel with engraved labels on it using black inkfill.Us...  View
08/22/19 Xaoc Devices Batumi
1974 Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator
Canada $304.18  Xaoc Devices Batumi LFO Eurorack module in excellent condition. Comes with ribbon cable...  View
06/19/19 MatrixModulator Neutron Sound uO_C (mini ornament&crime) Black&Gold
Polymorphic CV Generator
Canada $285.00  Fresh builds of uO_C Ornament & Crime with acrylic transparent screen installed in the ...  View
08/22/19 Noise Engineering Tonnetz Sequent
Gate driven pitch sequencer based on neo-Riemanian music theory.
Canada $202.79  Tonnetz Sequent is a triad generator that maps gate inputs to the triadic transforms of...  View
08/21/19 BLCK_Noir
7-Channel Hybrid Drum Generator
Canada $519.45  Excellent condition, works' Blk_Noir is a 7-voice analog drum ...  View
08/08/19 MatrixModulator Abstract Data ADE-31 Logic Boss
2 stage, Switched, Cascading, Logic Module
Canada $185.00  Abstract Data Logic Boss ADE-31 Some rack rash and used condition panel has some scrat...  View
08/16/19 Intellijel Dixie II+
Full-featured triangle core VCO/LFO
Canada $178.97  Triangle Core Analog VCO/LFOTechnical Specifications Width 6 hp Maximum Depth 40 mm Cur...  View
07/21/19 ADDAC System ADDAC001 VCC (Voltage Controlled Computer)
VCC (Voltage Controlled Computer)
Canada $397.14  Not for the faint of heart!This is an Arduino-based programmable computer in Eurorack f...  View
07/21/19 MFB SEQ-02
CV / Gate Sequencer
Canada $158.86  12 channels of CV/gate sequencing (either 6 channels of CV + gate, or 12 channels of CV...  View
07/25/19 Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
Canada $295.51  Make Noise & Soundhack's beloved pitch shifting echo module with tempo sync, freeze...  View
06/26/19 The Harvestman Piston Honda mkII
HM1991mk2 - Wavetable Oscillator
Canada $400.10  The heavyweight champion wavetable oscillator returns. 4,096 waveforms are arranged in...  View
07/09/19 Befaco Crush Delay v3
Digital garbage generator and delay
Canada $297.19  Befaco Crush Delay Version 3 like new, excellent condition with original box and 4 Bef...  View
07/21/19 Tiptop Audio CB808
808 Analog Cowbell
Canada $59.57  808 cowbell clone in Eurorack with gate & accent input and controls for level, modu...  View
07/21/19 Intellijel Azimuth II
Constant voltage Panner / Cross Fader
Canada $198.57  Pan a mono signal in stereo, cross-fade between two mono sources, or add super-stereo w...  View
08/22/19 The Harvestman Lider Suboctave
HMR1984 - Analog suboctave divider circuit
Canada $124.79  лидер субоктава (Lider Suboctave) divider circuit module in excellent condition. Comes ...  View
05/28/19 MatrixModulator Other/unknown Miasma from Sin Phi - Rampage Clone (Alternate Panel Black&Gold)
Complex Function Generator
Canada $300.00  Fresh build and calibrated. Price is usd Let me know if any questions :)  View
05/16/19 WMD Multimode VCA
Dual VCA, Panner, Crossfader
Canada $245.68  Not in original box. Slight rack rash.The WMD Multimode VCA is designed to be the most ...  View
05/14/19 RYO Aperture
Resonant Vactrol VCF/VCA
Canada $124.79  Wide range of sounds from classic vactrol LPG to squelchy acid and thumping self-oscill...  View
06/28/19 btrots Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Hot Glue
analog bus mixer with hi-fi compressor and voltage controlled distortion
Canada $470.00  The overall condition of this *Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Hot Glue* is *like new*....  View
06/28/19 btrots Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Midi 3
Extremely Full Featured MIDI to CV Converter
Canada $210.00  The overall condition of this *Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Midi 3* is *like new*, esse...  View
05/14/19 Make Noise Mysteron
dual voltage controlled waveguide
Canada $210.59  Digital oscillator / synth voice using a waveguide algorithm.  Makes a bunch of crazy s...  View
05/14/19 Doepfer A-101-1
Vactrol Multitype Filter
Canada $152.09  Vactrol-based multimode filter based on a schematic by Nyle Steiner. Separate inputs fo...  View
05/14/19 Doepfer A-101-6
Six Stage VC Opto-FET Filter/Phaser
Canada $132.59  A-101-6 is a filter module that uses so-called opto FETs to control the filter frequenc...  View
05/07/19 Xaoc Devices Samara
1962 Utility Waveform Processor
Canada $163.79  Samara is a “Swiss Army Knife” type of module, intended to serve the most common volta...  View
05/07/19 Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay
Audio-range Digital Delay with normal mode, and Tape and BBD emulation. Two outs for delay and "tap" outputs.
Canada $272.98  The E580 emulates the classic sounds of digital, BBD (bucket brigade), and tape-based ...  View
05/07/19 Low-Gain Electronics CVP-1
Control voltage processor
Canada $171.59  Dual 1 to 3 active buffered outputs with true Bipolar attenuverters. What that means i...  View
05/06/19 Frequency Central Vogue VCF/VCA
Moog Rogue VCF/VCA clone
Canada $226.19  The lastest module in my ever expanding stable ‘Vogue VCF/VCA’, a faithful clone of the...  View
05/06/19 Frequency Central System X Filter
Copy of Roland System 100 VCF
Canada $222.29  Frequency Central proudly announce the release of the ‘System X Filter’. It’s a clone ...  View
05/06/19 The Harvestman A Sound Of Thunder MKII
HM1973Amk2: Circuit bent expander panel for the Tyme Sefari MKII
Canada $85.79  A Sound Of Thunder is an expansion module for the Tyme Sefari which produces alteration...  View
05/06/19 Noise Engineering Variatic Sequent
Minimal trigger sequencer with flexible expansion
Canada $148.19  Variatic Sequent is a minimal trigger sequencer which allows the manual placement of f...  View
05/06/19 Kilpatrick Audio K3021 Master VCO
Triangle Core VCO with Waveshapers
Canada $249.58  Built on the success of the K3020 Dual VCO, the K3021 Master VCO offers a single chann...  View
05/06/19 WMD Micro Hadron Collider (uHC)
Dual State-Variable VCF
Canada $370.48  The WMD Micro Hadron Collider dual VCF scientifically smashes two electron waves into ...  View
05/06/19 Pittsburgh Modular Timetable
Clock Divider / Pattern Generator / Sub-Oscillator
Canada $233.99  Rare and discontinued clock divider / logic generator. Generates 8 gate outputs and 3 s...  View
05/06/19 Nonlinearcircuits Timbre!
Buchla Timbre
Canada $101.39  Nonlinearcircuits' clone of the Buchla wavefolder. Beautiful sounding, with two inputs ...  View
04/23/19 Xaoc Devices Lipsk
1989 Bit Inversion Commander
Canada $116.99  Light rack rash, but otherwise excellent condition. I also have a Drezno for sale."Lips...  View
04/23/19 Dwarfcraft Devices Yep.
Clock wrecker, triple squarewave LFO
Canada $133.37  There are many ways to describe the YEP. My favorite is a “clockwrecker” but it is prob...  View
08/09/19 Make Noise Phonogene
Digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument
Canada $273.69  Selling my Make Noise Phonogene - eurorack sampler.Cosmetically good - has rack rash.Fu...  View
04/20/19 Intellijel Korgasmatron II
filter, oscillator
Canada $31.20  Passive OR combiner. Useful for combing triggers or gates from different sources. [![I...  View
04/19/19 Qu-Bit Electronix Chord
Polyphonic Oscillator
Canada $311.98  OPEN BOX UNITThe Chord is a plug and play solution for bringing musical polyphony to yo...  View
04/15/19 Xaoc Devices Samara
1962 Utility Waveform Processor
Canada $155.99  XAOC Samara utility waveform processor. Light rack rash. [![Xaoc Devices Samara](https...  View
04/13/19 Kenton Modular Solo
MIDI to CV/G Interface
Canada $140.39  Good condish. [![Kenton modular solo](  View
04/11/19 Pittsburgh Modular Crush
Analog Waveform Decimator
Canada $155.21  Very slight rack rash.The Crush is an audio destroyer; a voltage controlled, all analog...  View
04/11/19 Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor
Quadraphonic Voltage Influenced Chaotic Waveform Generator
Canada $217.61  Very slight rack rash.The Chain Reactor combines two classic VILFO modules with two add...  View
04/11/19 Erica Synths Black PFL
Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is a satellite module to Erica Synths Black Stereo Mixer.
Canada $89.69  Erica Synths Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is a satellite module for Erica Synths Blac...  View
04/11/19 Erica Synths Black Modulator
LFO, S&H and Noise source
Canada $198.89  Erica Synths Black Modulator is a fully analogue modulation and noise source. Features ...  View
04/09/19 Kenton Modular Solo
MIDI to CV/G Interface
Canada $194.99  High specification Eurorack Modular MIDI to CV converterThe Modular Solo is supplied co...  View
04/09/19 Audio Damage ADM17 Proton
Tuned Delay Line Voice
Canada $284.68  Proton is Audio Damage's take on the classic Karplus-Strong tuned delay line physical m...  View

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