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12/01/18 Snazzy FX Telephone Game
5 stage ASR with Feedback + Noise
USA $200.00  Like new, mint condition, ships with insurance. [![Snazzy FX Telephone Game](https://i...  View
12/04/18 Doepfer A-171-2
VC Slew Processor/Generator
USA $139.00  Note: This is a used item, and while it is guaranteed to be fully functional it is almo...  View
12/22/18 Synthrotek MST Stereo Output Mixer
Stereo Output Mixer
USA $69.95  The Synthrotek MST Stereo out in excellent condition. The MST Stereo Mixer is intended ...  View
12/24/18 Make Noise Teleplexer
Telegraph style multiplexer
USA $70.00  Cool module, just not my thing.  [![Make Noise Teleplexer](  View
12/24/18 Expert Sleepers Disting mk1
16-in-1 multifunction module
USA $140.00  Lots of modules in one. No issues comes in original box. [![Expert Sleepers Disting mk...  View
12/27/18 Synthrotek MST VC Low Pass Filter
Lowpass Filter
USA $90.00  This is a DIY built module, not factory built. Price reflects cost of kit - bargain! Th...  View
12/30/18 Intellijel Plog
Digital logic module
Canada $176.99  voltage controlled logic and tap clock module in 8HPThe Plog module comprises two progr...  View
12/30/18 2hp S+H
Dual Analog Sample and Hold
Canada $70.80  S+H is an analog sample and hold with two independent channels. Great for generating ra...  View
01/02/19 Folktek Mental (copper version)
drum voice, drone synth, attenuator, wave processor
USA $220.00  In great shape, no rack rash. [![Folktek Mental](  View
01/02/19 WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII
Phase Displacement Oscillator
USA $500.00  USED WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII (PDO) with Triple Bipolar VCA Expansion. Bo...  View
01/02/19 Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms
Step Sequencer
USA $460.00  Used TipTop Circadian Rhythms Eurorack ModuleMaking room in 2019 for some new gear, thi...  View
01/07/19 2hp 3:1
Voltage Controlled Switch
USA $69.00  3:1 is a voltage controlled gate switch. It allows the user to send one of three input ...  View
01/16/19 WMD Compressor
Analog compressor
USA $199.99  USED, Tested and Fully Working.  Sidechainable, analog dynamic processing Dynamics p...  View
01/21/19 Abstract Data ADE-32 Octocontroller
8x output modular control panel - Gates, LFOs, Arps, S&H & more...
USA $285.00  The octocontroller [![Abstract Data Octocontroller](  View
01/22/19 Toppobrillo Triple Wave Folder
Triple Wave Folder
USA $190.00  The TWF module was designed with multi-use in mind... it is composed of three identical...  View
01/23/19 STG Soundlabs Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter
4-pole lowpass 4072 style filter
USA $175.00  Great condition! It is a larger module that will not fit in some skiffs. Comes with rib...  View
01/24/19 2hp Nse
Noise Generator
USA $110.00  The 2hp NSE is a compact noise module and a great way to add randomness and grit to you...  View
01/26/19 Division 6 Business Card Sequencer Single
Single panel version of the Division 6 Business Card Sequencer for Eurorack
USA $70.00  the appropriately named Division 6 Business Card Sequencer is a business-card-sized CV/...  View
01/28/19 Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
USA $400.00  Make Noise EchophonRare Black & Gold VersionIncludes Ribbon CableThe Echophon music...  View
01/31/19 Audio Damage ADM16 DubJr Mk2
Tempo-synced Delay Module
EU $285.70  featuring tap tempo, clock sync, and free modes, and both "jump" and "smooth" (or pitch...  View
02/04/19 Analogue Systems RS-350
VC Slew Limiter
USA $110.00  Up for sale is a gently used Analogue Systems RS-350 Slew Limiter eurorack module with ...  View
02/06/19 Make Noise Teleplexer
Telegraph style multiplexer
USA $85.00  Here is a Make Noise Teleplexer, which is a telegraph-style signal combination system w...  View
02/12/19 Nonlinearcircuits Digital Filter Simulator
Digital filter simulator
Canada $212.39  Built by Andrew of Nonlinearcircuits. His description: “This module is based on ideas p...  View
02/13/19 Make Noise Rene
René - Cartesian Sequencer
EU $377.49  3times used. No visual or technical defects. 1 year warranty.The primary goal of this s...  View
02/20/19 Toppobrillo Quantimator
Quantizer, Chord & Arpeggio Generator
USA $180.00  fully functional no box [![Toppobrillo quantimator](  View
02/20/19 WMD Digital VCA
Dual VCA with Zero Crossing Detector
USA $150.00  fully functional no box [![WMD digital vca](  View
02/20/19 Tiptop Audio RS808
808 Analog Rimshot and Claves
Canada $66.86  ITEM IS BRAND NEWthe rs808 is the tr-808's analog rimshot and clavs sound generator in ...  View
02/22/19 Mutable instruments Tides (2014 version)
Tidal modulator
USA $160.00  Mutable Tides. Great overall condition. Free of defects effecting the playability or ...  View
02/24/19 Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay
Audio-range Digital Delay with normal mode, and Tape and BBD emulation. Two outs for delay and "tap" outputs.
USA $230.00  Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini Delay. Great overall condition. Free of defec...  View
02/24/19 Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO MKII
Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator
USA $170.00  Tiptop Audio Z3000 VCO. Great overall condition. Free of defects effecting the playabil...  View
02/24/19 Intellijel Rubicon
Thru Zero Triangle Core VCO, mk1, panel B
USA $299.00  Thru Zero Triangle Core VCO, mk1A fantastic analog VCO;  12 simultaneous outputs Linear...  View
02/25/19 Qu-Bit Electronix Chord v2
Polyphonic Oscillator
USA $250.00  Qu-Bit Electronix Chord. Bought new within the year, used twice. Great overa...  View
02/25/19 Alright Devices T-Wrex
Analog Bitcrusher and Decimator
USA $250.00  Alright Devices T-Wrex. Bought new within the year, barely used. Great overa...  View
02/26/19 Tiptop Audio RS808
808 Analog Rimshot and Claves
USA $80.00  Selling all my drum modules! It's as good as new. [![Tiptop Audio RS808](https://image...  View
03/04/19 STG Soundlabs .bam
buffered attenuator multiple
USA $30.00  Used STG Soundlabs .BAM buffered attenu-mult. [![STG Soundlabs .BAM](https://images.r...  View
03/04/19 Erica Synths Pico Voice
Synth voice with 8 sound generation algorithms
USA $138.00  Erica Synths Pico Voice is an amazingly versatile sound source just in 3HP.Features8 gr...  View
03/04/19 Erica Synths Pico VCF1
Polivoks-inspired VCF
USA $115.00  Erica Synths Pico VCF1 is a younger brother to the Erica Black Polivoks VCF, designed o...  View
03/05/19 Befaco Crush Delay v2
PT2399 Digital garbage generator and delay
Australia $206.60  This is a DIY module built by my self. Will be sent with a ribbon cable, mounting screw...  View
03/06/19 Ginko Synthese Grains (new panel)
Granular Oscillator
USA $75.00  Grains standalone VCO. Includes USB power cord, also accepts euro bus cable. Can be upd...  View
03/07/19 Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
USA $380.00  In excellent functional and cosmetic shape. [![Make Noise Echophon](https://images.rev...  View
03/12/19 Make Noise Teleplexer
Telegraph style multiplexer
Canada $62.93  Make Noise Teleplexer Eurorack Module. Great shape and functions perfectly. Includes or...  View
03/13/19 Make Noise Phonogene
Digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument
USA $477.00  Single-rackThe Phonogene music synthesizer module is a digital re-visioning and elabora...  View
03/14/19 Doepfer A-182-1
Switched Multiple
EU $44.75  Module for modular synthesizerSwitched MultiplesSimple passive multi-connectorEach sock...  View
03/16/19 Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor
Quadraphonic Voltage Influenced Chaotic Waveform Generator
EU $229.48  Like new! [![Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor](  View
03/17/19 Snazzy FX Telephone Game
5 stage ASR with Feedback + Noise
Canada $258.01  5 stage ASR with Feedback + Noise random voltage module/ clocked random melody generato...  View
03/19/19 WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII
Phase Displacement Oscillator
USA $349.00  From WMD:MKII version of the PDO changes Better CV handling 16 HP single PCB instead o...  View
03/19/19 WMD Triple Bipolar VCA
Triple Bipolar VCA
USA $159.00  Input expansion for the PDO & standalone VCA Intoducing the WMD Triple Bipolar VCA,...  View
03/19/19 Mutable instruments Elements
Modal synthesizer
USA $350.00  Mutable instruments Elements DIY [![Mutable Instruments Elements](https://images.rever...  View
03/21/19 Waldorf mod1
modulation source
USA $351.99  This item was returned in mint condition. It is free of any performance issues, and has...  View
03/23/19 STG Soundlabs Wave Folder
Haible-derived wavefolder
USA $136.00  Here is an STG Soundlabs Wave Folder module (based on one of Jürgen Haible's designs) i...  View

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