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01/10/19 Doepfer A-190-8
USB/Midi-to-Sync Interface
USA $110.00  Mint Great little unit. module a-190-8 is a midi/usb to sync interface. the main applic...  View
01/11/19 Noise Engineering Cursus Iteritas
Dynamically generated wavetable oscillator using multiple orthogonal functions.
Canada $270.90  Dynamically generated wavetable oscillator using orthogonal functions. Shows some wear...  View
01/14/19 Mutable instruments Elements
Modal synthesizer
USA $370.00  Because I don't ever use the module, I am selling my Mutable Instruments  Elements.  It...  View
01/16/19 KOMA Elektronik FIELD KIT FX
Electroacoustic Workstation (fx)
EU $264.67  Unit of effects controlled by cv for its configuration of electronic music. Includes re...  View
01/16/19 Erica Synths Pico ATTEN
Dual passive attenuator
EU $31.21  Dual attenuatorThe Erica Synths Pico attenuator is a dual passive attenuator for the mo...  View
01/16/19 Medic Modules Defibrillator - plain
Dual VCF / VCA filter
USA $220.00  Module is brand new with maybe five or ten minutes of use. Bought this not long ago but...  View
01/16/19 WMD Compressor
Analog compressor
USA $299.00  USED in FUNCTIONAL CONDITION. See Photos for Cosmetic Condition. Sidechainable, analog...  View
01/22/19 Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
Dual Wavetable oscillator
EU $323.61  The module is perfect: no rack rash, used in a no-smoke studio.I've listed other module...  View
01/22/19 Toppobrillo Triple Wave Folder
Triple Wave Folder
USA $190.00  The TWF module was designed with multi-use in mind... it is composed of three identical...  View
01/23/19 Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas Percido
Standalone complex digital voice
USA $445.00  Mint condition, barely used. Purchased last year so it still has that new solder smell,...  View
01/23/19 STG Soundlabs Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter
4-pole lowpass 4072 style filter
USA $200.00  Great condition! It is a larger module that will not fit in some skiffs. Comes with rib...  View
01/23/19 Patching Panda VIBRAZUM
3 band pass filter - waveshaper
USA $175.00  Vibrazum was designed to create movement to the sound making a complex waveform with fe...  View
01/26/19 Synthrotek Sequence 8
8-step sequencer
USA $120.00  Analog 8-step sequencer.20HPDepth 1.5”20mA @ 12V / -12V [![Synthrotek Sequence 8](http...  View
01/26/19 Division 6 Business Card Sequencer Single
Single panel version of the Division 6 Business Card Sequencer for Eurorack
USA $80.00  the appropriately named Division 6 Business Card Sequencer is a business-card-sized CV/...  View
01/27/19 Instruō traigh
Transistor Ladder Voltage Controlled Low-pass Filter
USA $325.00  killer low pass filter, 3 x 1 mixer, with linear FM and v/o input. A grimey, beautiful ...  View
01/28/19 Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
USA $550.00  Make Noise EchophonRare Black & Gold VersionIncludes Ribbon CableThe Echophon music...  View
01/29/19 Mutable instruments Yarns
MIDI interface
EU $263.00  Perfect working condition. Usual minor rackrash. [![Mutable Instruments Yarns](https:/...  View
01/29/19 Intellijel Audio Interface II
EU $236.70  Perfect working condition. Usual minor rackrash. [![Intellijel Audio Interface II](htt...  View
01/31/19 Audio Damage ADM16 DubJr Mk2
Tempo-synced Delay Module
EU $287.78  featuring tap tempo, clock sync, and free modes, and both "jump" and "smooth" (or pitch...  View
01/31/19 Qu-Bit Electronix Chord
Polyphonic Oscillator
USA $310.00  Mint condition Qu-bit chord module. One of my favorite modules but Im selling my whole ...  View
01/31/19 Mutable instruments Tides (2014 version)
Tidal modulator
EU $170.95  Original version. Perfect working condition. Usual rackrash.I've changed the green knob...  View
01/31/19 G-Storm Electro 101-VCF
A faithful adaptation of the Roland SH-101 low pass resonant filter circuit
USA $170.00  Cool filter made with some of the parts (which are now hard to find) of the original SH...  View
02/01/19 Qu-Bit Electronix Chord
Polyphonic Oscillator
USA $280.00  Perfect like new condition  [![Qu-Bit Electronix Chord](  View
02/01/19 Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron
FM Drum Voice
USA $200.00  Audio Damage Neuron FM Drum VoiceFully functional, with some light rash around the moun...  View
02/02/19 Make Noise Optomix
2 Ch Low Pass Gate / Mixer
EU $216.98  I'm selling my Make Noise Optomix. This is the newest version, and has been upgraded by...  View
02/02/19 Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
Dual Wavetable oscillator
Canada $285.00  Synthesis Technology e350, comes with DIY expander. [![Synthesis Technology e350](http...  View
02/03/19 Mannequins JUST FRIENDS
Asia $350.00  This one is a function generator of a different kind, or in better words on a different...  View
02/04/19 Analogue Systems RS-350
VC Slew Limiter
USA $130.00  Up for sale is a gently used Analogue Systems RS-350 Slew Limiter eurorack module with ...  View
02/05/19 2hp Brst
Voltage Controlled Burst Generator and Trigger Delay
USA $75.00  No longer needed, although super fun to play with. The face looks mint, but I had resol...  View
02/06/19 WMD Mantic Euro Flex
Eurorack Version of Mantic Flex Pro PLL
USA $145.00  Blistering and chaotic fuzz-like mayhem that's just not who I am on guitar, it turns ou...  View
02/06/19 Snazzy FX Telephone Game
5 stage ASR with Feedback + Noise
USA $280.00  Here is a Snazzy FX Telephone Game five-stage analog shift register, sample & hold,...  View
02/06/19 Make Noise Teleplexer
Telegraph style multiplexer
USA $95.00  Here is a Make Noise Teleplexer, which is a telegraph-style signal combination system w...  View
02/07/19 Qu-Bit Electronix RT60
Stereo Multi FX Processor
USA $185.00  Excellent condition, some very light rack rash.  Please see my page for other modules f...  View
02/08/19 Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis
16-step CV sequencer
USA $249.00  Includes: Original Box Ribbon Cable [![Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis](https://i...  View
02/08/19 Division 6 Multiplicity VI (2HP)
Buffered multiple
USA $70.00  A great little module. I purchased it used from Control. Minimal rack rash. Functions p...  View
02/10/19 Gateway Terminal Expansion
Terminal XPanded. Finally.
USA $210.00  Selling off ALL of my eurorack modules! I need my sanity back and these thin...  View
02/10/19 Grand Terminal
dual voltage controlled AD/AR/looping envelope & dual gates
USA $599.00    Selling off ALL of my eurorack modules! I need my sanity back and these things are...  View
02/11/19 Doepfer A-132-1
Dual linear VCA
EU $63.57  Dual crossfader. Used, no rackrash.Comes with power cable & mounting screws. [![Do...  View
02/11/19 Circuit Abbey TripFire
Comparator and Gate/Trigger Delay
USA $100.00  Comparator, gate trigger delay [![Circuit Abbey Tripfire](  View
02/11/19 Tiptop Audio Z2040 LP-VCF
USA $125.00  Tiptop Audio Z2040 LP-VCF Filter Eurorack Module.Module is in 100% working order and in...  View
02/12/19 Vermona quad MIDI Interface (qMI)
Four Voice Polyphonic MIDI Interface
USA $240.00  Here is a Vermona qMI Polyphonic Quad Midi Interface module in Mint condition, unused, ...  View
02/12/19 Tiptop Audio SD808
808 Analog Snare
USA $85.00  Used this for awhile, I love running a modulator through the Accent input, to give it a...  View
02/12/19 Nonlinearcircuits Giant B0n0
Canada $193.50  Built by Andrew of Nonlinearcircuits. His description “Basically I mated a vactrol PiLL...  View
02/12/19 Nonlinearcircuits Digital Filter Simulator
Digital filter simulator
Canada $232.20  Built by Andrew of Nonlinearcircuits. His description: “This module is based on ideas p...  View
02/13/19 Make Noise Rene
René - Cartesian Sequencer
EU $380.24  3times used. No visual or technical defects. 1 year warranty.The primary goal of this s...  View
02/14/19 Music Thing Modular Radio Music
Virtual Radio Playback (Sample Player)
USA $105.00  Amazing sample player, with red trigger button, SD card and card reader. Lots of altern...  View
02/16/19 TheMaun Other/unknown Benjolin
Eurorack DIY Benjolin, pcb from Tseng Kweiwen.
EU €235,00  The overall condition of this *Other/unknown Benjolin* is *good* ###shipping * I ...  View
02/16/19 TheMaun Furthrrrr Generator
Dual VCO with waveshaper
EU €520,00  The overall condition of this * Furthrrrr Generator* is good It has the no...  View
02/16/19 TheMaun Make Noise FXDf
The FXDf is a 6 Band Fixed Filter
EU €105,00  The overall condition of this *Make Noise FXDf* is like new shipping I will ship Wo...  View
02/16/19 TheMaun Hexinverter Électronique Jupiter Storm
Cosmic Noise Oscillator
EU €130,00  The overall condition of this DIY *Hexinverter Électronique Jupiter Storm* is like new ...  View

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