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11/07/18 Frequency Central System X Amplifier
Roland 100M based VCA for Eurorack
EU $91.15  Roland 100M based VCA for EurorackFeatures two audio inputs, two CV inputs, linear and ...  View
02/11/19 jandybala Befaco Spring Reverb
CV controlled Spring Reverb
EU €175,00  Factory build / not DIY – The overall condition of this *Befaco Spring Reverb* is *like...  View
02/08/19 Noiseworks Intellijel Rainmaker
16 tap stereo spectral rhythm delay and comb resonator
EU £490.00  The overall condition of this *Intellijel Rainmaker* is like new have only had it for 6...  View
08/27/18 Flame 4VOX
Quad Polyphonic Wavetable Oscillator
EU $524.70  Modular synthesizer 4 Vox manufactured by Flame.It’s new, and delivered in his original...  View
01/05/19 peripatitis Schippmann CS-8 ol VDL-6
6-pole V-cascade diode low-pass filter
EU €330,00  The overall condition of this *Schippmann CS-8 ol VDL-6 very good. don't hesitate to a...  View
02/07/19 DZBK Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+
EU €220,00  The overall condition of this *Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 4+* is *like new ###t...  View
07/18/18 Doepfer A-106-1
Xtreme Filter (MS20 LP/HP)
EU $116.86  Doepfer A-106-1 Xtreme FILTER Lowpass/Highpass Filter inspiré du filtre du Korg MS-20, ...  View
01/15/19 tanuki Tiptop Audio HATS909
909 Analog Hi-Hats
EU €90,00  The overall condition of this *Tiptop Audio HATS909* is purhaps totally busted. I fe...  View
02/01/19 MS-Emmanuel Erica Synths Drum Sequencer
Advanced drum sequencer with 16 trigger outs
EU €590,00  Like a new one without the slightest trace of use. warranty 2 years. PM for pictures o...  View
02/13/19 Lamouette Intellijel Korgasmatron II Expander
Korgasmatron II Expander
EU €45,00  The overall condition of this *Intellijel Korgasmatron II Expander* is good ###shipp...  View
06/10/18 trouby modular Jack 8
Format Converter (3.5mm to 1/4")
EU $122.70  Trouby modular jack 8Module format Eurorack pour passer de jack à minijack et inverseme...  View
12/27/18 berndo 2hp LFO
Low Frequency Oscillator
EU €95,00  Good, clean condition and fully working. Module ships from Germany. Pictures on request.  View
01/16/19 Erica Synths Pico ATTEN
Dual passive attenuator
EU $31.99  Dual attenuatorThe Erica Synths Pico attenuator is a dual passive attenuator for the mo...  View
02/01/19 tiru Malekko Heavy Industry Richter MEGA-WAVE
Wave Table Lookup Device.
EU €280,00  The overall condition of this *Malekko Heavy Industry Richter MEGA-WAVE* is really good...  View
04/15/18 Barton Musical Circuits Analog Drum
BMC 018 This is an all analog synthesizer module used to make percussive pitched sounds.
EU $75.96  Barton Musical Circuits - Analog Drum eurorack module. Ce module produit des sons de ba...  View
02/01/19 MS-Emmanuel Flame FX16-CV
EU €160,00  Like a new one without the slightest trace of use. again with warranty. PM for picture...  View
02/13/19 Groove_Addict Erica Synths Pico SEQ
16 step CV and Gate sequencer with pattern memory
EU €95,00  receipt from September 2018 ###technical condition Perfect condition ###cosmeti...  View
10/07/18 Doepfer A-138c
Polarizing Mixer / Offset Generator
EU $52.59  Polarizing Mixer [![Doepfer A-138c](  View
02/13/19 racooniac Intellijel Rubicon
Thru Zero Triangle Core VCO, mk1, panel B
EU €275,00  The overall condition of this Intellijel Rubicon is very good. ###technical conditio...  View
02/01/19 vlk Doepfer A-150
Dual Voltage Controlled Switch
EU €35,00  7€ shipping in EU   View
02/01/19 tiru Make Noise Tempi
Polyphonic time-shifting module
EU €220,00  The overall condition of this *Make Noise Tempi* is *like new* ###technical conditio...  View
02/17/19 Edthebaptist 4ms Company Dual Looping Delay
DLD: Dual Looping Delay
EU £289.00  Great condition, pics and video on request. Never gigged, smoke free and pet free home....  View
10/07/18 Antumbra ROT8
8 step analog sequencer
EU $151.92  8 step sequencer with quite a few cool functions. Build by the designer. Printed manual...  View
02/15/19 urogijani Doepfer A-114
Dual Ring Modulator
EU €33,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-114* is *like new* with little rack rash. *...  View
01/02/19 vaxoid Terminal
Human Space Flight
EU €260,00  The overall condition of this * Terminal* is *excellent*. Small rack rash. ...  View
02/10/19 sjou Doepfer A-145
Low Frequency Oscillator
EU €51,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-145* is *like new* | *good* | *totally busted*...  View
12/26/18 Vladiz Dreadbox Gamma
EU €255,00  Excellent condition Located in France price excl. shipping Paypal f&f or please add ...  View
02/01/19 vlk Ladik M-110 3ch Mixer
AC/DC Mixer
EU €30,00  7€ shipping in EU.   View
02/01/19 tiru Steady State Fate Propagate
Gate/Trigger Delay PWM Tone Gen/Converter
EU €270,00  The overall condition of this *Steady State Fate Propagate* is really good ###techni...  View
02/17/19 Edthebaptist Tiptop Audio Z-DSP
VC-Digital Signal Processor
EU £380.00  Zdsp 4 cards, dragonfly delay card, bit rot card, halls of Valhalla, shimmer card. boxe...  View
10/01/18 Make Noise Phonogene
Digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument
EU $292.15  wie neu  [![Make Noise Phonogene](  View
01/10/19 Winter Modular Eloquencer
CV/Gate Sequencer
EU $643.14  Shipping included in EU. UK add 10€.Perfect condition, no rack rash. Comes with origina...  View
02/07/19 Ceglarek Make Noise Richter Wogglebug 2014
A new and improved classic Wogglebug
EU €180,00  ##Make Noise Richter Wogglebug 2014 - like new ###technical condition * Perfect ##...  View
02/02/19 Intellijel Audio Interface II
EU $202.83  I'm selling my Intellijel Audio Interface 2. The module is fully working, but has some ...  View
02/07/19 bark Intellijel Springray II
Spring reverb
EU €210,00  Large and small tank included. As new, no rash. In original packaging. Only a couple ...  View
10/01/18 Doepfer A-172
Maximum/Minimum Selector
EU $40.90  wie neu  [![Doepfer A172](,...  View
12/21/18 enn_n Doepfer A-140
ADSR Envelope Generator
EU €60,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-140* is *like new*. ####technical condition...  View
02/01/19 tiru Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows
Voltage-controlled digital delay module and VCA
EU €130,00  The overall condition of this *Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows* is really good buste...  View
10/01/18 Doepfer A-143-9 QLFO (mod)
Voltage Controlled Quadrature LFO / VCO (modded to horizontal 4hp for ADDAC0016 Doepfer 24HP Expansion Kit)
EU $58.43  wie neu  [![Doepfer A-143-9 QLFO](  View
12/01/18 acik Doepfer A-199
Spring Reverb (8HP version after 2007)
EU €80,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-199* is *like new* ###technical condition...  View
12/19/18 Bholax TouellSkouarn Jedonian
V/oct to Hz/V Hz/V to V/oct, V-trig to S-trig, V-trig to S-trig Converter
EU €110,00  The overall condition of this *TouellSkouarn Jedonian (black)* is *like new* ###tec...  View
01/25/19 urogijani AJH Synth Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter "Dark Edition"
EU €210,00  The overall condition of this AJH Synth Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter Dark Edition i...  View
01/26/19 NikolaS Erogenous Tones LEVIT8
8x Attenuator/Gain/Invert/DC-Offset/Mixer
EU €175,00  The overall condition of this *Erogenous Tones LEVIT8* is *good* ###technical condit...  View
02/07/19 rogersentry Mutable instruments Yarns
MIDI interface
EU €225,00  black, professionally made DIY yarns, looks and functions exactly as a factory made mod...  View
10/01/18 Flame Chord Machine
Chord generator / Arpeggiator
EU $175.29  wie neu, inclusive Bedienungsanleitung  [![Flame Chord Machine](https://images.reverb....  View
02/06/19 acik L-1 Tube VCA 1Ж24Б
Tube VCA inspired by Ken Stone
EU €130,00  The overall condition of this *L-1 Tube VCA 1Ж24Б* is *like new* ###technical condit...  View
01/25/19 SoulTwist Vermona twinCussion
Dual Percussion Voice
EU €275,00  Mint condition | I am in Belgium | I accept Paypal  View
01/26/19 NikolaS WMD Compressor
Analog compressor
EU €250,00  The overall condition of this *WMD Compressor* is *like new* ###technical condition ...  View
02/01/19 MS-Emmanuel Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Hot Glue
analog bus mixer with hi-fi compressor and voltage controlled distortion
EU €270,00  Like a new one, mint conditions, no rack rashes and again with warranty. PM for pictur...  View
10/01/18 STG Soundlabs Wave Folder
Haible-derived wavefolder
EU $222.03  Wie neu [![STG Soundlabs Wave Folder](  View

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