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09/14/17 AudioCycles Doepfer A-110-1v
Vintage version of the Standard VCO
EU €110,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-110-1v* is *like new* Under warranty. With ...  View
09/14/17 AudioCycles Ginko Synthese TTLFO v2
Tap Tempo LFO version 2
EU €100,00  The overall condition of this *Ginko Synthese TTLFO v2* is *like new* DIY, in perfe...  View
09/14/17 KMartens MFB Drum-06
Tom Tom
EU €125,00  The overall condition of this *MFB Drum-06* is *good. ###technical condition * like...  View
09/14/17 Llouwelyn CG Products Peak+Hold
Dynamic Percussion Interface
EU €160,00  perfect conditions, first owner, no rash.  View
09/14/17 cyberian Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas
Comb oscillator, VOSIM, Summation Synthesis, Phase Modulation with adjustible waveform, and a wave folder
EU €325,00  This is the Loquelic Iteritas MK2 with the sync input. Bought it like 3 months ago its...  View
09/14/17 pauk Intellijel Cylonix Shapeshifter
Dual Complex Wavetable VCO
EU €450,00  in perfect condition original box new firmware installed 10€ shipping to EU f/f paypal  View
09/14/17 padbangers Other/unknown Retro Front Panel for MI Braids
Retrostyle Front Panel for Mutable Instruments Braids
EU €15,00  The overall condition of this *Other/unknown Retro Front Panel for MI Braids* is *brand...  View
09/14/17 moremagic LZX Industries Visual Cortex
The Visual Cortex module contains all the essential functions required for modular video synthesis in the EuroRack format
USA $725.00  The overall condition of this *LZX Industries Visual Cortex* is *excellent*. ###tech...  View
09/14/17 moremagic Dreadbox WL Reflector
USA $100.00  The overall condition of this *Dreadbox WL Reflector* is *like new*. ###technical co...  View
09/14/17 razzorocket AJH Synth Sonic XV Diode Ladder Filter Silver
The Sonic XV Eurorack module is a four pole Diode Ladder Fi
EU €270,00  BERLIN BASED SONIC XV great awesome filter vintage style, perfect conditions less the...  View
09/14/17 Martinorman Shakmat Modular Knight's Gallop
AlgoRhythmic Generator
EU £155.00  Brand new, built and tested Shakmat Modular Knight's Gallop ###technical condition ...  View
09/13/17 terrorvoxel Qu-Bit Electronix Contour
Quad Envelope Generator
USA $215.00  The overall condition of this *Qu-Bit Electronix Contour* is *like new*. ###cosmetic...  View
09/13/17 terrorvoxel Detroit Underground DU-SEQ
Analog Pulsing Sequencer
USA $325.00  The overall condition of this *Detroit Underground DU-SEQ* is *like new*. ###cosmeti...  View
09/13/17 10 Miles High Doepfer A-107
Multitype Morphing Filter
EU €240,00  PRICE DROPPED AGAIN! This filter is inspired by the legendary OB Matrix-12 ("Bladerunne...  View
09/13/17 js213 Malekko Heavy Industry AD/LFO
USA $175.00  Near Mint condition. Comes with original box and power cable. I currently will only...  View
09/13/17 js213 Livewire Electronics Audio Frequency Generator (AFG)
USA $350.00  This Livewire AFG is in very good condition. It is fully functional with a little rack...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel Moog Music Inc. Moog Mother-32
Complete semi-modular voice with sequencer and keyboard
EU €539,00  The overall condition of this *Moog Music Inc. Moog Mother-32* is in very good conditio...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel birdkids MIXER/NOISE (6HP)
4-to-1 Audio Mixer with an Analog Transistor-based Noise source
EU €90,00  The overall condition of this *birdkids MIXER/NOISE (6HP)* is *like new* ###technic...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel birdkids EXPANDER (8HP)
8HP EXPANDER for THE BATELEUR VCO - adds resonance, cutoff, fm, vca i/o and additional modulation
EU €105,00  The overall condition of this *birdkids EXPANDER (8HP)* is *like new* ###technical ...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO
Discrete core Oscillator with standalone 4-pole Filter, standalone VCA and Through-Zero Frequency Modulation
EU €460,00  The overall condition of this *birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO* is *like new* ###technica...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel Make Noise Phonogene
Digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument
EU €319,00  The overall condition of this *Make Noise Phonogene* is *like new* ###technical cond...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel 4ms Company ROW POWER 30
30W of power, +12@1.5A/-12@0.75A/+5@0.5A
EU €135,00  The overall condition of this *4ms Company ROW POWER 30* is *like new* ###technical...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 8+
VARIGATE 8+ is designed to be the ultimate compact sequencer and control station over an entire Eurorack modular system.
EU €520,00  The overall condition of this *Malekko Heavy Industry Varigate 8+* is *like new* ##...  View
09/13/17 El_Miguel Intellijel Audio Interface II
EU €219,00  The overall condition of this *Intellijel Audio Interface II* is *like new* ###techn...  View
09/13/17 richc90 Nonlinearcircuits Sloth (4hp)
Slow Chaos
EU €70,00  Great condition. Normal version. ###shipping * I will ship to EU only. * Shipping...  View
09/13/17 owenjay Doepfer A-132-1
Dual linear VCA
EU €40,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-132-1* is very good. ###technical conditio...  View
09/13/17 owenjay Steady State Fate Quantum Rainbow (version 1)
SSF Quantum Rainbow. White, Pink, Red, Blue, and Purple noise source. Two outputs per noise.
EU €80,00  The overall condition of this *Steady State Fate Quantum Rainbow (version 1)* is very g...  View
09/13/17 annxia ADDAC System ADDAC803
Quadraphonic Spatializer
EU €450,00  first new... shipping EU +15€  View
09/13/17 Telestisch Verbos Electronics Amplitude & Tone Controller
Verbos Amplitude & Tone Controller
EU £245.00  The overall condition of this *Verbos Electronics Amplitude & Tone Controller* is *...  View
09/13/17 vlk Other/unknown Ornament & Crime (White)
Polymorphic CV generator
EU €170,00  Unlabeled minimal panel. Pics on request. Fully working. Build by pro - not me. 7 eur s...  View
09/13/17 vlk Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
Dual Wavetable oscillator
EU €290,00  Fully working. Pics on request. 7 euros shipped in EU. Paypal f&f or plus fees. Ships ...  View
09/13/17 myanmaraca Doepfer A-119
EU €50,00  The overall condition of this Doepfer A-119 is very good * I will ship to EU only. * ...  View
09/13/17 AudioCycles Doepfer A-103
18dB Low Pass (TB303 type)
EU €60,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-103* is *like new* Will ship at cost. Paypa...  View
09/13/17 KMartens Xaoc Devices Tirana
Micro Sequencer
EU €99,00  The overall condition of this *Xaoc Devices Tirana* is good ###technical condition ...  View
09/13/17 Martinorman Rebel Technology Stoicheia
Dual Euclidean Sequencer
EU £139.00  This *Rebel Technology Stoicheia* is newly built and tested for resell. ###technical...  View
09/13/17 fede Acidlab Robokop
12-CH Trigger-Sequencer
EU €290,00  The overall condition of this *Acidlab Robokop* is *like new*  View
09/13/17 fede Tiptop Audio Z3000 Smart VCO MKII
All analog voltage controlled oscillator
EU €200,00    View
09/13/17 adriendef Make Noise Brains
Pressure Points Sequence Expander
EU €100,00  Perfect Conditions. ###shipping * I will ship to EU only. * shipping is noy includ...  View
09/13/17 adriendef Doepfer A-151
Quad Sequential Switch (NEW Version)
EU €45,00  Perfect conditions, bought few month ago at Schneidersladen. ###shipping * I will s...  View
09/13/17 adriendef Qu-Bit Electronix Nano Rand (Black Panel)
Random Voltage Source, Sample and Hold, Noise, and Random Gate Generator
EU €180,00  Perfect Conditions, bought couple of months ago. ###shipping * I will ship to EU on...  View
09/13/17 igorsv Mutable instruments Tides
Tidal modulator
EU €150,00  New module. Custom build with Black alu panel. Build by professional engineer. Trackab...  View
09/13/17 michel07 Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Anti-Oscillator
Analog Waveshaping Oscillator Module
EU €170,00  The overall condition of this *Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Anti-Oscillator* is like...  View
09/13/17 PinPinKula Mutable instruments Braids (2015)
Voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source
EU €200,00  DIY Braids, pro build, 200 eur, black aluminium panel with white knobs ![my module](...  View
09/12/17 methodius ADDAC System ADDAC102 VC FM Radio
With the ADDAC102 FM Radio you'll be able to tune-in FM radio. Besides the ability of station broadcasts as sound generators for your synthesis, you can also have a lot of fun with the fact that its a great noise generator.
EU €270,00  The overall condition of this *ADDAC System ADDAC102 VC FM Radio* is *excellent*. ##...  View
09/12/17 methodius Trogotronic m277 (updated version)
Stereo High-Voltage Tube VCA / Overdrive / Preamp module for Euro Modular Form Factor
EU €330,00  The overall condition of this *Trogotronic m277 * is *excellent* ###technical condit...  View
09/12/17 lucoli Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator
CV and MIDI Pattern Generator
EU €250,00  The overall condition of this *Kilpatrick Audio K4815 Pattern Generator* is *like new* ...  View
09/12/17 Aptamusic ALM Busy Circuits ALM010 - O/A/x2
Dual attenuverter and offset
EU £60.00  Great condition, racked in smoke-free home studio, buyer pays p&p and PayPal f&f. Thanks!  View
09/12/17 dombles Other/unknown Radical Frequencies Dual Precision VCO Alternate
Dual precision tuning VCO capable of internal cross modulations
EU £340.00  as new condition, amazing oscillator.  View
09/12/17 mt3 Doepfer A-131
Exponential Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Canada $75.00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-131* is *good*. Price is $75 USD. ###shipp...  View
09/12/17 Arkodd Synthwerks PGM-4X4
4x4 programmer/sequencer
EU €140,00  version + 10 V   View

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