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10/15/19 michel07 Random*Source Variable Q VCF
Serge VCFQ by Random*Source
EU €200,00  Very good. Works perfectly. Little rack rash. Built and calibrated by myself with a k...  View
10/15/19 THE96 Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Mk II
Random looping sequencer module
EU €350,00  The overall condition of this *Turing Machine MKII incl. all expanders* is *like new* ...  View
10/15/19 THE96 Flame FX6
DSP-Based (Spin FV-1) Multi Effect Module
EU €80,00  The overall condition of this *Flame FX6* is *like new* ###technical condition Per...  View
10/15/19 sram Doepfer A-132-3
Dual linear/exponential VCA
EU £50.00  works perfectly shipping is 5 for uk or 10 for eu   View
10/15/19 THE96 Doepfer A-185-2
Precision Adder/Bus Access
EU €80,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-185-2* is *like new* ###technical conditio...  View
10/15/19 THE96 Doepfer A-143-4
Quad Voltage Controlled LFO / VCO
EU €200,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-143-4 Quad VCLFO* is *like new* ###technic...  View
10/15/19 NONETHELESS Doepfer A-117
Digital Noise / Random Clock / 808 Sound Source
EU €45,00  mint condition, shipping is 15 in the EU!  View
10/15/19 NONETHELESS Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Brain
16 output ultra-flexible midi to trigger, sync, polyphonic CV and gate, and more!
EU €125,00  near mint, original packaging, shipping is 10 euros.  View
10/15/19 afriendofken Doepfer A-171-2v
VC Slew Processor/Generator (Vintage edition)
EU £100.00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-171-2v* is *very good*. ###technical condit...  View
10/15/19 Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms
Step Sequencer
USA $420.00  This item is nearly new (1 week old.) I have decided to upgrade my sequencer for my mod...  View
10/15/19 peripatitis Schippmann CS-8 Omega-Phi VCO
Thru-Zero FM/Thru-Zero PM high performance analogue VCO
EU €500,00  The oscillator is in excellent condition, It comes with the original box and has on...  View
10/15/19 THE96 Twisted Electrons Cells
dual unipolar control voltage generator
EU €200,00  The overall condition of this *Twisted Electrons Cells* is *like new* ###technical ...  View
10/15/19 Bender Cwejman MBC-3
multiband compressor
EU €1.200,00  The overall condition of this *Cwejman MBC-3* is perfect ###technical condition per...  View
10/15/19 Bender Rossum Electro-Music CONTROL FORGE
Programmable Universal CV Generator
EU €400,00  The overall condition of this *Rossum Electro-Music CONTROL FORGE* is *like new* ##...  View
10/15/19 wtkdwc Antumbra DVCA
Dual VCA
EU €85,00  The overall condition of this *DVCA* is *as new* ###technical condition * black pu...  View
10/15/19 WMD Micro Hadron Collider (uHC)
Dual State-Variable VCF
EU $263.96  Powerful and unique filter! Great condition with minimal rack rash. "Micro Hadron Colli...  View
10/15/19 Steady State Fate Entity Percussion Synthesizer
Percussion Synth Voice
EU $296.96  Excellent and versatile module, fully working condition. Slightest rack rash on top rig...  View
10/15/19 Mutable instruments Ears
Contact Microphone
EU $73.91  Ex demo unit. Fully functional as intended. Missing connection cable and original packa...  View
10/15/19 HCAL Doepfer A-190-4
USB/MIDI to CV/Gate/Sync Interface
EU €110,00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-190-4* is *like new* ###shipping * I will...  View
10/15/19 2hp Arp
Gate-driven arpeggiator
EU $90.80  This item is used. Everything is in perfect working order. No original box.Arp is a gat...  View
10/15/19 Robaux SWT16+
The SWT16+ is a 16-track Eurorack step sequencer with up to 64 steps per track.
USA $299.00  This dude is neat. I used it only briefly, so it's essentially new. It's not quite righ...  View
10/15/19 Mutable instruments Branches
Dual Bernoulli gate
USA $80.00  I love this module. It's also easy to do custom firmware for. I have two of them, and I...  View
10/15/19 Erica Synths Pico MODulator
Envelope generator and VCA combo in 3HP
USA $110.00  Very handle little 3 HP envelope generator and VCA. Very efficient, but my system uses ...  View
10/15/19 Tinrs Tuesday
Procedural Sequencer
USA $296.00  This thing is SO great, but I decided I can only keep this or Marbles, and I've decided...  View
10/15/19 Tiptop Audio Z-DSP
VC-Digital Signal Processor
USA $405.00  New version of the ZDSP. Includes everything (w/ Hall of Valhalla and Dragonfly cards)....  View
10/15/19 Mutable instruments Streams
Dual dynamics gate
USA $179.00  This module is really underrated! I was originally going to get two, but I need everyth...  View
10/15/19 Hi55 Jomox T-Rackonizer
Complex time-woven filter matrix.
USA $250.00  Perfect working condition. Studio use only. Minimal rack rash. Price includes CONUS...  View
10/14/19 forcept Intellijel Triatt
Triple attenuator, inverter, attenuverter and offset / DC voltage source
EU €60,00  The overall condition of this *Intellijel Triatt* is *like new* (1st Owner) ###techn...  View
10/14/19 salocinnomis AJH Synth AJH Minimod Glide, Hold, and noise
Combination module of Minimoog Glide, Hold, and Noise circuits
EU €100,00  Perfect condition. IMO the best sounding white and pink noise module in Eurorack format.   View
10/14/19 salocinnomis Malekko Heavy Industry MIX 4
3hp utility mixer
EU €60,00  Perfect condition, almost unused.  View
10/14/19 GBRL Instruō tona
Analogue Oscillator with Wavefolding Function
EU €160,00  The overall condition of this *Instruō tona* is *like new* Like new with original bo...  View
10/14/19 PORTEIX Make Noise Rosie
Disco-style cue system with FX loop
EU €100,00  Make Noise Rosie* is *like new + shipping is included in the price. ###shipping * I...  View
10/14/19 unxpkt Befaco Even VCO
High Precision VCO with Octave Select. Black panel
EU €160,00  The overall condition of this *Befaco Even VCO* is *like new* ###technical conditio...  View
10/14/19 unxpkt Nonlinearcircuits A Plague of Demons
Through-zero VCO
EU €165,00  The overall condition of this *Nonlinearcircuits A Plague of Demons* is *like new* ...  View
10/14/19 unxpkt Erica Synths Pico Voice
Synth voice with 8 sound generation algorithms
EU €75,00  The overall condition of this Pico Voice is like new technical condition Perfect ...  View
10/14/19 Nonlinearcircuits Chopper
Mad Analogue Switch
Canada $150.00  CNC with inkfill aluminum panel.Built with love.Used but not much.Works perfect. Cho...  View
10/14/19 Nonlinearcircuits Neuron - Difference rectifier (papernoise panel)
A module combining an analog neuron and a differential rectifier circuit
Canada $150.00  CNC with inkfill aluminum panel.Built with love.Used but not much.Works perfect.The Neu...  View
10/14/19 Music Thing Modular Turing Machine Mk II
Random looping sequencer module
USA $150.00  I purchased and assembled this module. This module functions as expected. Condition wis...  View
10/14/19 musdj Motovilo zCLOCK
MIDI clock tester/generator/divider/DYN sync module
EU €0,00  The overall condition of this *Motovilo zCLOCK* is *like new* | *good* | *totally buste...  View
10/14/19 Synovatron CVGT1
Euro Buchla Translator
USA $180.00  Very good condition Synovatron CVGT1 Eurorack to Buchla converter and vice versa. Conve...  View
10/14/19 Happy Nerding 6x MIX
6-channel audio mixer
USA $80.00  Bought new a few months ago and used lightly, comes with original box and extras. [![H...  View
10/14/19 fragster Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO (black panel)
Quad Morphing VCO
EU €1.100,00  The overall condition of this *Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO (black panel...  View
10/14/19 Intellijel Azimuth II
Constant voltage Panner / Cross Fader
USA $205.00  I built a large stereo mixer for my system, so I have no use for this module. Works gr...  View
10/14/19 RTFM ST Modular Krach aus Strom
3 Voice Drum Generator
EU €210,00  \trades_friendly/ freshly built, with love paypal accepted, F&F preferred or, please, ...  View
10/14/19 Ideo Evaton Technologies RF Nomad
Voltage-controlled shortwave radio receiver
EU €139,00  *Evaton Technologies RF Nomad* is *like new* | * shipping is included in the price. ...  View
10/14/19 Ideo TouellSkouarn Kala Goañv
EU €152,00  The overall condition of this *TouellSkouarn Kala Goañv* is *like new* | I will ship ...  View
10/14/19 Ideo WMD Gamma Wave Source
Dual digital VCO
EU €167,00  The overall condition of this *WMD Gamma Wave Source* is good * I am in france * s...  View
10/14/19 altemark ADDAC System ADDAC300 Power Starvation
Dual Positive and Negative power starvation.
EU €90,00  Lower price. Being in Euro means starving in order to buy modules - so starve your mo...  View
10/14/19 altemark Pittsburgh Modular Timetable
Clock Divider / Pattern Generator / Sub-Oscillator
EU €115,00  The overall condition of this *Pittsburgh Modular Timetable* is very good. Discontinued...  View
10/14/19 Mutable instruments Marbles
Random sampler
Canada $307.74  Hello,I’m selling my Mutable Instruments Marbles. Very interesting modules, both for ga...  View

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